How to get sex from the internet

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Most people know about personals ads but few have actually thought about using it to find sex. There is such a thing called adult personals and it’s not some seedy unsafe area of the internet.
It’s a real active and open community of members all over the world sharing their stories and fantasies online. Adult personals allows you to get into contact with local guys and girls – that’s about it!
But that one ability has created an entire industry. You see now anyone can be empowered through the use of the internet. You simply sign up – pay a membership fee and create your searchable profile.
As soon as it goes live you get the benefit of being in front of the eyes of many many single and even attached women. Doing it virtually allows you the added benefit of searching with complicated filters!
The only ones you care about is perhaps “singles online now” or “members near me” but if you wanted to you could also search for slim/bbw 40+ Caucasian, non religious women looking for one on one sex.


So the first part is easy right ?
You just sign up for and adult personals site like adult friend finder and get in front of the masses.
Well the second process is a little harder but it depends on what sort of personality your profile attracts and who your email… Even so use this as a general rule of thumb

Be A Gentlemen

Even if you want to get flirty/freaky or even filthy with the female members of adult friend finder you cannot be too obvious about it.
Coming across seedy, needy or desperate in any way is grounds for immediate dismissal as far as women go.
Remember that they have a lot of options – they get a lot of email and it’s unlikely that you are going to match what they are looking for.

Be thy gentleman…

this will enable you to get past their initial trust walls. Then you will realise that they can be as sexually adventurous (if not more) than you!
This initial sacrifice of short term sexual gratification soon pays off because you get the lunch date or the bar meetup which turns into an amazing night with a women you dont even know.
If your motive is to “get sex from the internet” try changing that mindset up and simply try to get to know women from the internet from various websites.
Rather than coming across like you need it badly (even if you do) come across as a confident open and honest man that is just interested in hanging out. You can be sure that if you end up meeting a women from aff offline it’s going to lead to sex of some kind.
So be happy in the knowledge that women are thinking about sexual contact too and are interested in meeting a man online.
But you have to make it easy for her – you are going to have to make the first contact – you are going to need to give her as  much information about yourself as she asks for but you will also need to convey a sense of mystery.
White Lies? they are ok in my book – you are not hurting anyones feelings when you suggest that your a doctor/nurse or truck driver.
It adds to the fantasy of the one night stand.
It’s fine providing that the relationship only lasts one night. Your going to have to come clean if your meeting up regularly of if he/she expects something more from the relationship.
So whether your using facebook twitter match eharmony be naughty cupid  or adult friend finder… getting sex from the internet requires you to connect with other people in a normal way… This will start with email and progress toward instant message or text and then onto offline dates (daytime dating coffee or night time bar style beers and wine) Whatever you find most comfortable.
But it comes down to being that gentleman again. You have to come across normal and REAL enough for women to give you a chance. Dont be afraid to be a little pushy as far as asking for her for a date but give her a chance to get to know the real you first. If all else fails be yourself… It’s all you can be anyway so why fake it.
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