How to Get the Girl to Make the First Move

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When I say make the first move here I’m not necessarily talking about first speaking contact but rather first intimate contact. Getting stuck in the friend zone can be really hard to get out of.

Don’t you think that life would be easier if you know how to get the girl to make the first move instead of men always doing the hard work? Well unfortunately… life does not usually work that way.

It’s a social norm that girls are reserved and the men are the ones expected to make the first move. But there is a way to influence women to make the first move. These ways can easily be learned and practiced so you can transform into a girl magnet.

How to get the girl to make the first move – Have self-confidence

If you want to get laid tonight, you must believe in yourself that it will happen. Girls can sense that a guy is self-assured. They don’t want to be stuck with a hesitant needy guy. If you get rejected don’t let it bring you down. Instead take it as a learning experience. Tell yourself that you are sexy, you are adorable and every girl in the bar would fall for you the moment you enter the door. If you can’t convince yourself, then it’s going to be hard to convince her! This is widely known as inner game in the “industry” and is the most important facet of game.

Dressing up exudes and help boost your confidence. If you look great, then it will make you feel good. Feeling good and comfortable is the first step in gaining confidence. When asked what to wear on first date, I will say dress like your going to a job interview. You don’t have to wear the suit and tie, but you have to dress smart to look smart. If you can make yourself presentable with just your looks, then it will be hard not to get any girls attention. If you feel that this might be a little pretentious of just “not you” at least try to look like you made some kind of effort (women respect that). This obviously involves a shower but it goes a little further. What you wear all depends on the situation but most dates will be smart casual. Wear what makes you comfortable but also implies something about who you are as a person.

Mind your hygiene. I said earlier that to be confident you need to feel comfortable and you only feel comfortable if you are clean. Brush your teeth, chew a minty gum, avoid eating food with strong smell like garlic, and don’t forget your deodorant. Most girls want a clean and hygienic man. Plus if things get hot and naughty, you are always ready for that moment. Do it every day so it becomes a habit. It will not only help you get laid its also good for your body.

How to get the girl to make the first move – Let her know you want her

This is where the action starts. Remember that it takes hard work to get the girl to make the first move. If you are picking up girls from a club try to engage her in an interesting talk. After a few drinks, casually ask if she would like to go somewhere private. If she said yes that is your first cue that she wants to be alone with you and she’s ready to get laid. This is good if you are into one night stands.

If the girl has been your friend for sometime, you still have to find a way to be in a private place where you are alone. Be close to her, touch her knees, hold her hands and waist. If you decide to watch a movie, sit close to her, and hold her hands. Constantly look at her eyes and lips. See how she responds to it. If she leans closer and accept your invitation, you got to hold back and let her come and kiss you.

You must also be able to tell if she is willing to go all the way, or just a kiss. You will know it because you have to return the kiss, if she lets you kiss her back then that is another cue that she wants you to go all the way. There are also easier way on how to manipulate a girl or how to get the girl to make the first move. There is a short video that will teach you tricks on how to do it by asking the right questions and make her go down on you in no time. Once you have mastered the course every girl that you talk to will be crazy for you. With these technique you don’t have to waste time on bars and  spend too much money on makeovers. Here is an interesting video on the techniques

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