How To Get Women To Have Sex With You From An Online Dating Site

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You might be under the illusion that women don’t want sex that much, that they don’t use online hookup sites or that they aren’t as freaky/kinky as you are. Before we go into how to get women to have sex with you from sites like adultfriendfinder lets what the reasons are for women to use hookup sites.


You might think every woman gets her fair share of sex but actually many unattractive or overweight women hardly get hit on at all. The top 20% of women are getting bombarded with what is essentially sexual abuse everywhere they go while fatty is forever alone. It’s just how male sexual motivation functions – we get massively turned on by the most attractive women even if we have no chance of bedding her.


She may have been lazy , busy with work or college, sick or uninterested in sex for a couple of months. Plenty of reasons for a women to have a dry patch of no sex but that doesn’t mean she won’t come back into season when spring hits. She want’s to get back on the horse and feels out of touch with the bar scene. She is in a new town and is still pretty busy in her life so a few dating site profiles spring up in your local city and bam you’re chatting with her.


Breakups can be UGLY – especially 5+ year relationships that end with cheating. Break up sex doesn’t really work that well but it won’t stop her from trying.


It’s not so private when your facebook profile picture is all over your tinder account but sex dating sites allow you to only show parts of your body and only allow certain areas to become public. This allows her to satisfy fetishes that she wants to explore (BBC, LESBIAN STUFF ETC) without being labelled. She can discreetly organise a meetup in the weekend within a private encrypted IM chat and meet up at his/her house. Little effort requires on her part, she just chooses from the many chat requests she will get and shows up to the house or local public meetup area of her chosen horny stud. Fast Easy and Specific.


No bar grinding, ass groping, beer spilling, cigarette inhaling required. No fake dancing or hangovers and no cold walk home. Bars are great fun, but not required every weekend.


Some girls are just curious about what’s going on inside these sites. They love the right kind of attention and don’t always get it on sex sites but if they choose right they can have great conversations with well put together guys.


Sad but true – some husbands have lost the spark of youth, work life has ground them down to a nib and rather than home for great sex he goes to the bar for pints of beer and football. Meanwhile his wife is getting nailed by some rock hard youth who can go and go.

So as a recap:

  1. Ugly or fat = no offline flirts happening
  2. Extra horny (that time of the month or not been laid in a long time)
  3. Rebound sex
  4. Privacy and discreetness
  5. Sick of smoky drunk douchy bars
  6. Curious
  7. BF or husband has low libido or boring in bed


Just because she has signed up to an online hookup site does not mean she is easy! Remember she has great methods to get orgasms herself… she will likely have a number of guys in her contact list that she knows she could ask for sex. So you should be asking, “what can I offer her?”, and it’s kind of true that you can’t offer her much more than the next guy. She has great vibrators and men who have asked her for sex already or at least hinted toward it. It’s not just the sex that she is looking for – she is not looking for the average guy online. She is looking for a great EXPERIENCE. She is looking for fetishes and big dicks and gangbang swinger experiences and young attractive college studs. If you’re an average or below average looking guy who is OK in bed with an OK personality, you’re not giving her much reason to choose you.

You will find some women that don’t really care what you look like, they don’t even need a picture of you. It could be some FOB chinese mother who’s husband just left her and needs some kind of sexual attention…You proposition her and she says she is “not that kind of girl”. The next weekend she messages you back saying she has organised a free weekend and sends  you her address… No cafe meetup, nothing, arrive at the door and she is wearing next to nothing. Make up any scenario in your head and it’s happened to someone.

But for the most part – women are choosey no matter where they are. They might not seem choosy if your an 8-10/10 guy because you are the one chosen all the time while everyone else is getting flaked on.

Some girls are so picky, obliviuos, ignorant or almost nosexual that even the most obvious sexual advances they dismiss as funny. They friend zone EVERYONE and are seemingly scared of sex. Yet here they are in a sex website… Very confusing. I’d stay away from these kinds of women, they are a lot of effort and time without anything actually happening. They are more invested in the attention and conversation than sex. They have unrealistic and unwarranted high standards despite bringing very little to the table… You try everything on her and she looks back at you blankly.


These should qualify women and determine pretty quickly if they are interested in sex or not. ( you would assume that because she is on a sex dating site she would be but it’s not always the case )

Many of you will want sex right now! Like you have your dick in your hand , prn site open and your looking to leave your house and drive to wherever you need to go, or better yet invite her over. If this is the case don’t bother with women who are not interested in hooking up right away. You might need to find an overweight, unattractive or slutty girl. This is just he price you pay for urgency. A better plan is to have patience and use the weekdays to build trust and organise multiple hookup dates. This way you have a number of girls in your contacts list that would be keen for spontaneous sex rather than relying on finding and asking for sex on the spot.

If your 5 minutes into a chat conversation and still not certain that she is interested then 90% chance she is a long term effort girl.

Ask direct questions:

Some girls will mention how horny they are: obviously a good sign

Get straight to the point! First few lines just straight copy paste your current situation – it will save a lot of back and forth

  • I’m 25M College Grad, Single, Live alone, own a car, Favourite coffee spot, Work here, Fav Hobby, Passion is…, Dream for future is…
  • How serious are you about meeting up with someone that you trust from this site?
  • What would you need to know about me to trust me enough to make this happen? (get her asking questions to find out more about you)
  •  Links to facebook or website profiles for more info to build trust.
  • What’s one thing that nobody knows about you? She may not open up but anything you can do to build a little relationship… something special just between the two of you is great.

    Play the have you ever game:

  • Have you ever had sex on the first date?
  • Have you ever hooked up with someone from here?
  • Have you ever had a one night stand
  • Have you ever … (anything you want to know about her)

If it’s all NO’s it’s unlikely going to be a great match for quick sex but you never know. The next obvious answer is “Do you want to break a few personal records tonight?”

Share sexual interests and private fetishes

  • Open to one night stands but would rather x , Sexual interests are x
  • What’s one fetish you have that you have never told anyone? Mine is x and I’m super shy about it… you’re the only one I have ever told. Be honest here it could be weird for you to talk about but it’s exciting to share something like that. Maybe it’s that you often masturbate to bisexual porn, the idea of a guys cock in your mouth turns you on even though you’re not gay. I mean thats fcking extreme but whatever your into. BBW? Skinny? BDSM?
  • Have you ever read 50 shades of grey? What about it turned you on? Do you like to be dominated and tied down? One of my unexplored fetishes is being dominant.


Not all girls are shy teens that are scared of cocks. Occasionally you will meet up with a woman who knows what she wants who will change your perspective of women completely. After the one night stand you will realise that you were the one being picked up!

But on the other hand not everyone is a cock hungry mommy that is cheating on her husband. Motivated horny brash… she’s an easy sell.

You have to know who you are talking with and this is done with basic questions, how she responds let you know how fast you can move.

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