How To Have Sex And Have Her Begging For More


Wouldn’t you love to be able to say these words to your girlfriend or casual dating partner and have them turned on INSTANTLY!?
“I can still taste you…”
Imagine being able to send those 5 simple words out via a text message and have them wet for you.
She will reply with:
“It was amazing!!! When can we do that again?”
How many times have you actually had a hot women lusting after you?
My friend…
It’s time you learned the secrets to female sexual attraction.
STOP BEGGING… and start turning women on with real sensual emotional and spiritual sex.
She will start asking you for sex rather than you ALWAYS having to initate it.
Read on…
First things first – women are very erotic and sexual creatures. Most prefer slow senual foreplay which starts right back with sub communication and conversation to deep kisses.
When you masturbate there is an end result – orgasm… Almost like you have a goal in mind of triggering that endorphine release rather than trying to enjoy the experience.
Do you make a habit of brining those masturbation skills into the bedroom?
With this goal orientated approach your destined to leave women totally unfilled… Seems weird doesn’t it… Surely if they orgasm they will feel fullfilled to some extent!
Here’s a differnt angle on sexual fullfillment of women:
Find out how to bring out their naughty, erotic and sensual side with the tips below.
There are numerous ways to turn women on bu according to Dave this is the most effective and most well known BUT the least practiced.
This one will have her BEGGING you to come back the very next night.
Most women love to feel like they are being dominated but at the same time romantically taken care of in the bedroom. Take control!
Right let’s organize the bedchamber!
Have some candles burning with some purfumed oil… Maintain a CLEAN and tidy bedroom… NO clutter, food, rubbish or clothes littering the ground! Clear the environment for spirtual connection and great emotional sex.

  1. It would have rugs on the ground…
  2. It would be a spacious environment…
  3. It would have a large bed
  4. Dimly lit
  5. Perhaps some music quietly playing
  6. Perfumed massage oils and “toys” closeby
  7. Safe and secure from disturbance so she can relax

If your current bedroom looks more like the sunday morning after a college party you have some work to do… But after 20 minutes of “defrag” you should feel comfortble bringing a women back to it.
Let’s Jump Forward
She’s back at yours and she is obviously turned on and ready… Taking a leaf out of the “take control” book you would do what?
Slowly undress her… that’s right.
She’s naked in front of you and she has never looked better – your shaking just a little out of pure arousal and amazment that you managed to get her back to yours.
Your looking her up and down – keep returning to make direct extended and deep eye contact with her… your almost looking through her eyes as if you were connecting with her soul. This connection is VERY important – it should not be forced or recited but come naturally to you becuase the two of you feel so close already.
Most guys would now hurridly rush their pants off and get straight down to it lasting only a few minutes before exhaustion…. Do not feel ashamed… Evolution has shaped us to get it done fast. But you have ALL NIGHT!
She expects much more from you…
Gently push her back onto the bed and paying NO ATTENTION to her sexual areas start kissing her neck and shoulders returning to her mouth while always breaking the kissing for extended eye contact.
This is why it’s important to be able to have some light in the room – the eye contact should obviously not be some creepy stare. Smile and be playful about it.
Back to the kissing of her entire body! Start down by her toes kissing up her calfs using your tounge on her soft sensitive skin.
Kiss the inside and outside of her foot – some women can get very turned on with a simple foot massage.
Areas like the inside of her thigh and the back of her knee are very sensitve and should be focused on with light touches of your fingers and tounge.
As you move up closer to her inner thigh pause and flip her over so her butt faces up. Massage and kiss her lower back continuing to work your way up her back kissing every inch.
Now your back to her neck… brush her hair to one side and kiss her neck and gently bite her ear and ear lobe. Your naked body should now be pressed up against hers – your full body touching hers.
Litte romantic whispers into her ear work well now – if your unsure ask her what she likes… Push yourself against her and let a liitle moan go in her ear… this and the pressure of you against her back with get her immediatly hot!
Remember – it’s all about the anticipation…
Complete what you just did again starting with her feet while she is still facing down… When you get to her butt flip her over and kiss up the front of her belly… (no touching of her p#$$y yet)
Kiss her from head to toe, stomach, breasts and inner thighs… She is your center of attention. Use light sensual kisses rather than slobbery drooling kisses. Let her introduce her tounge! Some women do not like to use tounge while kissing so hold it back until she wants to use it.
Dont forget to take your time and enjoy the experience – this is not a prelim to the main event! It’s a continual expression of love and emotion.
Don’t forget to look her in the eyes… the whole process should feel natural as both your bodies get hotter and more turned on together.
Now it’s time to turn up the heat even more… to taste her whole body.
When you kiss her breasts slowly taste with your mouth all the way around… some women like their nipples to be delicatly played with around the end others like you to bite them or flick them… Focus on her bodily response.
By now you will be rock hard with ancipation and she will be dripping wet – you have touched every inch of her body other than the one place she wants you to. If she hasn’t forced your head down their yet nows the time.
Use your whole warm wet mouth around the outside lips of her vagina first.
Practice patience and continue to massage and lick the area around her sensitive areas.
Stimulate this area with your mouth for a short time and get her really turned on and then go back up and kiss her passionately. Now she will be really turned on. Get that extended eye contact again (important)
Now she will be putty in your hands as you continue to kiss and touch her entire body… Most women do not get this treatment and will be very satisfied. After she orgasms for the first time while you go back down a sensual oil massage is a great idea!
Here is a more detailed description from david wygants blog!
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How To Make Her Beg You For Sex!!!

are women craving that every guy MUST know about this subject…
From the dating expert david wygant… This is how to get a women to beg you for sex!

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