How To Introduce Yourself On A Dating Website


How To Introduce Yourself On A Dating Website
So you have bridged the first gap of online dating (apart from signing up). You have gotten the attention of other online daters! Singles near you are interested in your profile and think that they would be compatible. Now what!
Now comes the time when you need to introduce yourself to the users that are sending you all those winks and flirts. They may have send the first message and broken the ice but often times you will search a user yourself and have to introduce yourself for the first time.

The first and most obvious communication that takes place within a dating site is email. Disregarding of course all the flirts and smiles that go on.
Your introduction can really make or break how many responses you get. It is easy to come across like a bit of a smart ass or silly without trying due to the nature of email.
To make a great first impression heres how to introduce yourself to potential singles.
Spend some real quality time looking over the profile description hobbies and interests of your girl/guy. If you respond to the email by hitting reply without getting to know the face behind the name your response with show your lack of interest. By writing directly to the person rather than a generic virtual profile you heighten the emotional feeling in the message.
When an online single introduces themselves to you via email you have about 48 hours to think about it and respond. You can leave it up to 3 or 4 days but they might have moved on by then. Online dating moves fast so be prepared to log into your dating site at least once a week.
You don’t have to knock the socks of a women or man with your first hit so don’t go writing a first, second and third draft!
But your first email needs to be punctual and somewhat impressive. Depending on how many emails your potential match is getting you will need it to stand out from the crowd. The best way to do that is to simply make it as personal as possible.
People open emails with Re(2) as the subject line because it is personal – they are responding to your initial email.
Anything that looks automated will get trashed.
Another thing you don’t want to do is to send factual emails. A lot of guys tend to get a bit self centred when they send email.
Remember this email is not about you it’s about her and her interests.
She will want to know certain vital pieces of information about you but on the whole focus on her hobbies or bits of her profile that she is obviously into.
Remember this is a dating introduction so act like you would in normal day introductions. You would mention your name , perhaps where you noticed them from and ask them about themselves.
I realise that your emotions and even desperation might be high right now but try to keep a lid on it while getting this first introductory email out. Make sure you re read it a couple of times to be sure it doesn’t come off sounding either cheesy or desperate.
Delete any blatant and blind compliments that are not directed at her as well as being specific to either her profile picture (bits that stand out) or her interests. Any generic compliment should NOT be used in the introduction.
Avoid using words such as need or want as they have a habit of making the email sound desperate.
Delete any clichés

Dating Introductions – How To Write Your First Email

Here are some quick and dirty dating introduction templates. Be sure to change them up and make them original.

Dating Introduction # 1

Hobby And Interest Focused Intro
Hey/Howdy/Hi (Her Name),
I noticed your profile and it looks like we have some common interests!
I also love live plays and drama and regularly attend the [insert local event here]…
If you are aware of this event I would love to meet up and get to know a little more about you.
You can contact me at this email address if you are interested
Good luck with your upcoming play I hope it goes great.
(your name)

Dating Introduction # 2

Appearance Focused Intro
If you have found a drop dead georgeous girl online and cant help but email her, but you don’t have to much in common try this.
Hello (her)
My Names (your name), every time I see your picture I can’t help but smile. Before this email I was a bit tentative to email you ( I bet you get a lot of emails from guys here ).
I noticed in your profile that it’s your first time dating online (mine too).
I’ll be honest here and say that your smile made my day today and would love to get to know more about you.
I’m flying out to [insert_city] in a couple of weeks for a few days it would be great to catch up for coffee before then.
(your name)

Dating Introduction # 3

Emotion Connection Intro
Hi (insert name),
Your profile caught my eye yesterday and I had to get in touch. What a bonus that your such a big country music fan. I am going to [insert_concert] next week and would love to take you.
You also stated that you like to take things slow and I’m all for that! If you want to exchange numbers or recommend a steak house to go to before the concert I’m all for that too!
If you want, email me back. Let’s get to know each other before we hit the concert. (insert some details about yourself)
Looking forward to hearing back from you
(insert your name)
Of course these intro emails won’t work for everyone (or at all) take them as hints… In the end there are no rules to love and if you think you have what it takes to know a man/women off their feet on the first try go for it!
It’s all about personalisation and double checking for creepiness or sounding desperate.
Be yourself and good luck 😉

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