How To Kiss And Scientific Reasons Why You Should Do It More

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In this study Shaping the oral microbiota through intimate kissing they found that “average partners have a more similar oral microbiota composition compared to unrelated individuals” which is amazing. But even more amazing is this the average bacterial transfer is 80 million bacteria per intimate kiss of 10 s.

Interesting Findings:

  • Intimate kissing involving full tongue contact and saliva exchange appears to be an adaptive courtship behavior unique to humankind and is common in over 90% of known cultures.
  • Kissing may contribute in mate assessment and bonding via sampling of chemical taste cues in the saliva
  • Information on the quality of a partner can also be obtained from close physical proximity



How Does Kissing Affect Sexual Satisfaction?

Kissing is the sweetest and most intimate way of showing affection, next to hugging. It can express sentiments of passion, respect, greeting, peace, friendship, good luck and romance. One can also experience love and happiness while locking lips with another human being. Most of all, kissing can trigger sexual pleasures.

Kissing turns a man and a woman on because the lips are the human body’s most exposed erogenous zone. This means that the lips are layered with sensitive nerve endings, which explains why even the slightest brush can send a titillating sensation to our bodies. This is why kissing feels so good to the point that it makes a person become aroused.

When you lock lips with another person, a huge part of your brain is activated, which has sensory information that helps us figure out what to do next. A kiss can set off a bazillion transmitters and hormones, influencing how we think and feel.

History of Kissing

Anthropologists are divided as to how kissing originated. Some believe that it is intuitive and instinctual, while others say it evolved from the process of chewing food and passing it to babies’ mouths, which are referred to as “kiss feeding.”

According to Vaughn Bryant, a Texas A&M University anthropologist who specializes in the history of kissing, the earliest evidence of kissing were found in the Vedas, Sanskrit scriptures that informed Hinduism, Jain and Buddhism some 3,500 years ago.

This habit of pressing one’s lips to another person’s have been passed down from generation to generation. It was the Romans who spread the practice of kissing to Europe and northern Africa as they were passionate about kissing. In fact, they are so knowledgeable about lip-locking that they have certain terms for different types of kissing: basium is kissing with mouths closed and suavium is kissing with passion.

The Codes of Kissing

One kiss can ignite the start of a new romance, especially if there’s chemistry between two people. This is because we get to be very close with another person when we kiss. As a result, we learn a lot about each other through our sense of smell, touch and taste. The information we obtain from such close proximity with another person then sends signals to our brains, giving us clues about our partner. A study has even revealed that the scent of a man offers his partner subconscious clues about his DNA.

A kiss can also be used as a gauge of people’s compatibility and feelings. Evolutionary psychologists at the State University of New York at Albany revealed that around 66 percent of women and 59 percent of men admitted to have ended budding relationships because a kiss didn’t feel right. In other words, kissing can be like a natural litmus test, allowing us to gauge whether a relationship is worth it or not.

Kissing and Intimacy

A kiss can send a cascade of neural impulses through the lips, tongue, brain, facial muscles and skin. This then produces a chemical that alters the way we feel. Being caught in a steamy lip-locking session makes you crave and desire more physical closeness. This is because kisses produce oxytocin, also known as the love hormone, which is the hormone responsible for closeness and attachment. And one can find himself feeling warm inside because breathing deepens, pulse quickens, blood vessels dilate and cheeks flush.

Romantic or passionate kisses can also heighten sexual pleasure. By locking lips with a person whom you are physically attracted to, you are preparing your body for arousal. So by pressing your lips intently and using the right technique, you are readying yourself for sexual satisfaction.

Initiating a Kiss

When it’s your first time to kiss someone, initiating the kiss can be nerve-wracking. To help you be more confident in initiating the lip-locking session, here are some tips to help you:

Show signs of interest. Putting some subtle signs that you’ve been meaning to kiss the person is one way of showing interest without being too pushy. One way to do this is to intentionally get caught looking at the other person’s lips. You can also make your lips kissable by wearing lip gloss or Chapstick. Keep your lips slightly parted, enough for you to bit your bottom lip.

Test the waters. A soft peck on the cheeks or hand allows you to break any awkwardness. If the other person doesn’t object or protest, then it’s probably safe to go for their lips.

Set the right mood. Pay a sincere compliment like, “Your eyes look like stars in the sky” or “I love how your lips curve to form a sweet smile.” If you do it right, your partner might take the hint and initiate the kiss themselves.

Be bold, state your intentions. But don’t sound like a maniac who can’t wait to devour your partner’s lips. Just be direct yet romantic. Say something like, “I’d love nothing more than to kiss your soft lips” or “I wish I could kiss you before this day ends.”

Go ahead and make that first kiss. Once you get the go signal, don’t waste any time by going in for the kiss right away. Close your eyes, lean in, pucker up and kiss away.


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