How to Make a Girl Fall in Love

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Dating guru’s and relationship  experts have varying views in regards to how to make a girl fall in love with you.

Here we will try to present some common ideas and philosophies when it comes to attracting women with love in mind. This will not be your how-to-guide in making every girl you meet fall for you. What we have here are general or basic tips to help you attract more dates.

In our previous posts we have stressed that there is no concrete formula into making all women fall in love. Since every girl has a unique personality, how you approach a girl and how you handle a relationship with her will be different from one girl to another. What we may be able to agree upon is that love is universal and perhaps could be triggered by similar actions. A course like dicarlos pandoras box suggests that 3 questions can get the girl.

The Love Bond

A girl will fall in love with a guy because she has a bond with him. This connection which we will call “love bond” can be achieved in many ways. When a guy is trying to impress or court a girl what he’s really trying to do is develop a bond with her. This is the ultimate goal of any attraction guide out there.

This “love bond” has major influence on how women choose their partner or boyfriends. This is socially and physically visible, just notice how hot and stunning women would stay loyal to a plain or not even average looking guy. Some women endure unhealthy or abusive relationships because they are blinded by this bond.

If you want to know how to make a girl fall in love, you must learn how to develop this bond. Having a strong bond with a girl is an assurance that she is mutually attracted to you.

How to Make a Girl Fall in Love: Developing The Love Bond


Developing the love bond takes time and mutual trust and appreciation for each other is crucial. Here are simple steps which you can take to attract girls and make them fall in love. These simple steps will make sure that you develop a love bond with a girl that your trying to attract.

You can’t attract or make a woman fall in love unless you get to meet her. You must work on meeting and picking up women. The more women you meet, the higher your chances of getting a date and getting love. There are a lot of women in your city and thus many chances for you to meet and establish a bond that in time will develop into love. Give yourself the chance by getting out their and saying HI!

You can pick up women at bars, clubs and public places. Online social networks, chat rooms and dating websites are also great way to meet some of them. These are all great places but I prefer to meet women at random places, and places where I regularly go like my favorite coffee shop, the library, parks, etc You can often find the most amazing and interesting women in the weirdest places.

The idea is to get to know her or get her to give you her number. The easiest way to approach a girl is to use natural pickup lines. Just remember that not all pickup lines will get you the same result. Women react differently, what you need to do is to be persistent. We do believe that persistence will get you laid. We have a whole post dedicated to this subject here,

Make a Woman Feel Special. What makes a woman feel special will depend on her personality. You might wonder if giving her gifts will make her feel special. You might even think that giving her all of your attention is SURE to do the trick. In the end a women will feel special if she realises that you genuinely and authentically care about her real self. What I mean by that is you need to get past the façade that she presents to the world and understand her dreams and desires. Once she realises that you care about her goals, dreams and desires your well on the way!

The key to make a woman feel special is to help her recognize and appreciate herself. Guiding her towards understanding her true self and recognizing her beauty as a person is the most important thing that you can do to her.

Lavish gifts, fancy dates, and expensive vacations will only work on money diggers and desperate women (this may sound a little harsh but what I mean is they tend not to work by themselves without any of the tips we mentioned previously, don’t use them as short-cuts to love but rather add-ons). When the time comes that you have little money you will lose her, because she has developed a bond with your bank account not with you as a person or a partner. I prefer sending her a single rose with a note wishing her a good day and reminding her that someone is admiring her. It’s also more meaningful to create a personalized card rather than buying one.

If you can write poems or songs, that’s one way to make her feel special.

Compliments are great ways to make her feel special. But over complimenting her will make you sound weird. So just take it easy on the compliments. Girls love it when you notice that they have a new haircut. Either you like the hair or not, give her a compliment! Do not faile to notice if she got anything new, especially if it’s a new hairdo! As her admirer she expects you to notice that she’s wearing a new sandal, dress, or other accessories. (by you NOT noticing it suggests your compliments are lies)

But what if you hate the dress your girlfriend is wearing? You may have some fashion sense but its better to keep your suggestions and educated opinion to yourself.

Another mistake that most guys make is giving her a super compliment. Don’t say “you’re the most beautiful girl……” that sounds fancy and impersonal.  Instead you can say something simple and sincere like, “you look beautiful because…”, “you look lovely on that dress”, or you can look at her and say, “I really love what I’m seeing”. Be specific – it seems more genuine.

Show Her that You’re a Lovable Person. Being confident about yourself and show her that you’re a lovable person. Girls will fall in love with a guy who has self-confidence, and knows what he wants in life.

Girls also choose to be with a complete gentleman who knows how to have fun. This means that you know how to treat a girl, respect her, and know how to make her feel good.

It’s nice to be open to her, and welcome her into your life. Tell her something about your real self but leave just enough to remain mysterious. Girls like mysterious guys because they like the challenge and adventure involved in uncovering your personality. If you reveal all your cards early you have nothing left to offer. Once you have met and decided that you really like the girl you have to make the first move. Dating and texting are some forms of ritual that will form your bond, eating and cooking together, sex, pillow talk and little adventures will seal the deal.

Make The First Move.

Eventually you have to make the first move, or at least start to make her make a move on you. The problem is when to make the first move. This is entirely a different story. There are a lot of things to consider when trying to decide if the time is right to make a move. You should learn how to test the water or provoke the situation. Building sexual tension is the best way to arouse her.

The best tool in making the first move is to use the power of touch. You should know where to touch her, to make her feel more sexually interested. You should also consider the way of  touching her and how much pressure to apply. This can be an interesting game to play.

Remember that your goal is to keep her aroused and sexually attracted to you. Know when to take things slow and when to rush.

Here is an interesting video from Simple Pickup that will talk about how to attract and make a girl fall in love by using the power of touch.


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