How To Make Long Distance Relationships Work

How to make long distance relationships work
Long distance relationships can work – it all depends on your maturity and willingness to make them work.

Long Distance Relationship Tip – Initial Connection

Long distance relationships work best if you have already spent considerable time together first and then move away for a while. This gives you time to get to know each other and make the psychological and time investment that makes the relationship worthwhile keeping.
If you have only just met a women and then try a long distance relationship it will be tough to keep the connection. You have nothing to base the relationship on as you hardly know her and you are yet to create any emotional bond.

Long Distance Relationship Tip – Trust

For long distance relationships to work you will need to be a secure and trusting partner. You cannot be a trusting partner if you have not first spent some time establishing trust. So there is a pretty vital initial stage in a relationship where the two of you decide that you will not cheat even if you are miles apart. This initial stage plus the two parties involved being free of insecurities and jealousy is very important.

Long Distance Relationship Tip – Contact

For long term relationships to work you will also need to keep in contact on a regular basis. The internet makes that easy with free video calling and chatting. So make long interesting chats a regular thing. If you lose interest in what your partner is doing miles away the relationship could be hard to rekindle.
Losing that sense of control you thought you had as a result of them being away can be tough. It is helpful to regularly hear what your partner is up too when they are not in plain sight. Hear that they still love you and tell them you miss them.

Long Distance Relationship Tip – Effort

The fact that there is no intimate connection and contact makes long distance relationships hard to sustain over time. This means you need to put the effort into making the conversations that you do have interesting funny and emotional. If you put no effort into a relationship it will not last. This is especially important then for long distance relationships where sex isn’t an option.
Intimate sex bonds two people together like nothing else can. This loss needs to be made up with conversation, gifts or letters in the mail.

Long Distance Relationship Tip – Meeting Up

For long term relationships to last there is going to have to be some travelling going on. This ties into the effort tip above. You are going to have to travel by car or plane on a regular basis to go and see them. This could place a burden on your time and finances.
You may start to question whether all this travel is worth it when there are so many potential partners in your home town.
This again emphasises the importance of the trust and emotional connection phase. Without that bond established early on it will be tough to justify all of the effort required to keep long distance relationships going.
So for long distance relationships to work in the long run:
You have to want them to work
You have to care
You have to trust
You have to keep in contact
You have to remove jealousy
You have to be secure

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