How to Make the First Move and Get Laid

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They say that success comes to every man who has has perseverance and is willing to work hard. The same is true if you want to find out how to make the first move on a girl that you really like. If you want to get laid… it pays to get out of your bedroom and practice your seduction and social skills. There might be a girl who wants to hang out with you, but it’s unlikely that she will make the first move. You have to at least initiate something to give her a motive or an invitation.

Here are a few tips on how to make the first move and get laid.

Use pick up lines

You can find a lot of cheeky pick up lines online which you can use to gain a woman’s attention and make the first move. The problem with pick up lines is it does not give the same result with all women. Always remember that every girl is unique and one method might work for one girl but it will not work for another.

Girls have an ever changing mind and mood, so if it worked the first time there is always chance that a pick up line will not work on her the next time you use it. The solution is to master a lot of pick up lines or learn to invent one right on the spot. The last thing you will have is wit and humour in front of your crush which is why lines were invented in the first place. I would suggest that these lines are a last resort.

Another dilemma when using pick up lines to make the first move and get laid, is the problem of false delivery. There is a trick to learn when delivering the perfect pick up line and it can be mastered with practice. The right delivery of a pick up line should be said at the right moment, using the right tone of voice, to a right woman.

With all of these factors needing to working together, there is a chance that you could mess it up. So be confident, observant and witty but most of all DISCONNECTED from the end result. Not allowing her response to affect your “frame” is the most important part of meeting new people.

Talk about sex

Second tip on how to make the first move and get laid is to lead your girl into talking about sex. This can work with any of your girl friends, in fact this can even be used to break away from the friend zone. You don’t really have to talk about you having sex, but you can talk about others having sex. Casually suggest the topic, and wait for her reaction. If she laughs, smile or blush’s on the idea, it means that shes open to discuss it.
Be open and honest about your intentions in a funny way and she will thank you for it later. If she is not interested in sex then you will get the idea early, this way you are not wasting her or your valuable pick up time. 

While on the topic be ready for the perfect moment to make the first move. Be ready for body signals, keep glancing on her body, and look at her eyes and her lips. Get closer to her and allow yourself to be caught by the moment.

This is perfect opportunity for you to deliver that first kiss, and see if she will respond and kiss you in return. If she refused don’t apologize for it! You are a man who wants to express your desire for a beautiful women. So long as your approach is respectful she will LOVE the attention (even if she isn’t into you).

If she is at your house and you want her to make the first move – you can try putting on a very sexually suggestive movie.

Use the power of touch (very useful)

You have to mean what you say, and say what you mean. Girls will always fall for a guy that is true to his words. You can use the power of touch to enforce your intent. When talking to her, especially when suggesting an idea you can touch her arm, back or waist. Your touch would enforce your idea, and for her it means that you are sincere to what you’re saying. A touch means a lot, it adds feelings, and intimacy. She will feel comfortable going for the first kiss if she see’s that you are very into her communicated by your touching.

Using the power of touch should be done correctly. If not it could mean harassment and the girl will be fleeing the scene before you can even offer a drink. You should touch her where she will have an option to refuse or back away from you without losing face (shoulder, lower back, arm) If she allowed you to touch her, then that is a good sign. It means that she welcomes your intimacy. The best part is she touches you back. This is the third tip on how to make the first move and get laid, use the power of touch.


It’s not easy to get a girl to make the first move! Don’t get stuck on it – maybe you will have to be the man in the relationship and take a risk! Some girls will be happy to take the first move whereas others will not no matter how OBVIOUS you are with your sexual intent. Understand that every women is different and so each should be treated accordingly.

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