How To Meet Women In Bars

How To Meet Women In Bars
First of all… Your success with meeting women in bars will come down to several things but never let the conversation become boring or conversational! As soon as the conversation gets “boring” the women will move on and never come back.
There are just to many distractions and to much excitement to talk about your work day. When meeting women in bars or clubs you have to be able to move the conversation on with ease and throw in some arrogance and comedy or wit in order to stand out from the crowd.
Even if she brings up the topic of politics family or work she wont be interested in talking about them as
she is just being polite – MOVE the conversation on.
Make fun of some guys dance moves or order her a drink – ANYTHING to move away from boring.
Making fun of other guys who are perhaps trying hard but obviously don’t fit in automatically puts you in the alpha state but you have to know how to say it. Come across “lame collge dude” and your screwed.
A great way to talk to women in bars is to put the pressure back on the women and liven up the energy between you. Do this by asking HER to tell her a joke or story about herself that is worth listening to.
You can even try small fun games so that the initial conversation does not seem to heavy and automatic.
Picking up women in clubs and bars is easy if you go about it the way women want you to.
Most men try way to hard and get all serious about it but you will notice that the best are actually very relaxed and at home chatting to women in bars.
Cold calling chicks in bars can be tough if you cant come up with interesting things to say so maybe a couple of beers to loosen the tongue will work for you.
DONT attempt to pick up chicks drunk.
It’s important that you are the one controlling the conversation and leave from the encounter FIRST.
It’s ok… You will meet her again later on but it will give you and her a chance to think about the encounter.
A funny game to play:
Ask for her name and then using each letter of her name you describe what you think she is like. Obviously really long hard to spell names could get difficult.
Say her name was Sarah… Emphasize the first word
Sarah huh?
How would I describe sarah well…
SO willing to please
ALWAS early to class
REALLY nerdy
Attention seeking
Happens to be have been staring at me all night
Am I right?
……. Silence
Ok you try me…
It works because:
You are interesting AND you are in control
These tips should get you started…
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