How To Move On After Being Dumped

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There is alot of hype about “getting your ex back” and just how you go about doing that…
And this website focuses on just how to do that, but what if the best option for you is to just move on?
Often moving on from a previous relationship, as hard as that may be for some, is the best thing you can do not only for yourself but for your ex to…
There is a huge learning curve and personal growth process that goes on during the attempt to get your ex back. Even though it hurts at the time you WILL be better off for this experience and you WILL find someone else more compatible for YOU

To make it easy to move on after being dumped a few things could help:

Try to find a different circle of friends to hang out with: This doesn’t mean that you need to abandon your old friends but at least once a week try to get around some fresh faces so that you get a new perspective on things.
An easy way to meet new people would be to join a new club or sports team. If you are not into sports then a dance group, chess club, book group, committee,etc etc
Meeting new people will help you get your mind off the past and on to the future where it SHOULD be.
I would advice staying on talking terms with your ex, do not try to talk or contact them for a couple of weeks if possible. But do not exclude the possibility of a future friendship down the line.
Keep your spirits high after being dumped by eating and exercising well. This may seem silly but you will feel much better about yourself if you are out of the house and keeping active.
Once again it will help to keep your mind on whats important.
Dealing with the sense of loss that your partner has left can be a real struggle. Events or circumstances usually filled in your life are now left empty.

Console with friends and loved ones and let your pain out but do not dwell on what could have been. You need to focus on the future and what you want from what is now a clean slate.
Get exited about your new life because you are in control. You have now decided that you want to move on which is an empowering choice in itself. Let yourself heal and then attack life with everything you have got.
Keeping you mind on what is important has been the number 1 reason for thousands of people coping with a loss or being dumped.
As soon as you find your mind wanting to focus on the negative side of your situation, be aware of what is happening and change it. Focus on your future with a new loving partner – you have the right to choose who ever you want!
Moving on after being dumped can really be tough and it’s by no means supposed to be easy.  Dealing with the emotions you are feeling should not be taken lightly so dont feel down if at first you find it tough.
But stick at it and you will come out the other side a better person.
A great site dedicated to stories and advice about getting dumped here:

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