How To Pick Up Women Online

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Understand this:
Online dating is a very new thing: The methods, techniques and secrets to picking up women online are yet to be discovered.
Some guys try and fail miserably to pick up online because like so many other men they have no clue what to say. We have been stripped of the ability to impress women with our body language, looks and status so what you say online is the big thing that counts.
Your profile picture and your description attracts women and the timing and content of you messaging are now the close. Tricky huh
How do you go about getting a first date online with a sexy women?
Shane Andrew the professor of online dating has created a 3 week video coaching program for guys looking to pick up women online.
This guy is one of the first if not the ONLY online professor of online dating in the US and perhaps the world right now. He has coached hundreds of men before and now you have the opportunity to discover how to pick up women  online from Shane himself.
A word of warning: This is not for guys who are interested in finding the love of their life online in the hopes of marriage… (or though it would likely work for that too)
This coaching series is for men looking to meet HOT women online, the kind of exclusive women you would not be able to approach in the real world.
There is an art to picking up women online and shane andrew is the master.

Benefits Of Picking Up Women Online

The best thing about online dating is you dont need:
A beautiful car
A six pack
Wild personality or uncanny humour
Boyish good looks
Christ you dont even need to leave the house!
All you need to do is present yourself in the best light online – this does not mean that you lie deceive or hurt… But you can bend the truth in you favour.

And this is where you get the unfair advantage!

You will have access to email swipe files and profile descriptions that have been proven to work over and over.
This will work on any women from dog to damsel, which is really the best part.
You are able to leverage to internet to pick up women of any race any level of attractiveness and any age and it doesn’t matter what you look like… only what you say…
And remember  you will know exactly what to say once you talk to Shane Andrew so you cant really screw this one up can you

I know what your thinking…

But what if I’m super ugly fat AND poor?
Surely PL, once I meet her in real life she will think Ive played her like a fiddle?
Amazingly NO
Or though this course does not go into daytime dating you need to focus on one thing at a time.
There are really two stages to this:
A: Picking up women online
B: Proving your worth and gaining her trusts OFFline
Lets walk before we can run shall we?
The hardest thing in dating is proving that you are worth the time for a first date… Overcoming the initial trust factor and getting that number.
Picking up women online is what this is all about but you now have the tools to effectively pull 9’s even if your a 4 or 5
You would be stupid not to use online dating sites to pick up hot women…
They are their right now, and you can be sure the college douchebags are claiming all the hot womens as we speak.

So you have decision to make.

You continue to try the workable but outdated offline  pickup methods to attract women.
Or you give Shane Andrew a try and see for yourself how easy it really is to pick up women online

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