How To Set Up An Intimate Encounter Online


An intimate encounter is one where you organise a discreet relationship with someone for a one of (or regular) sexual meeting. This is all organised online via email and web chat and usually there are zero strings attached.
There is only a physical relationship that occurs and the women usually asks for certain attributes from a man via her profile.
Why would women be interested in a sexual encounter without any emotional connection attached?
They get enjoyment out of it just like you do, they like the attention they get online as well as the naughty nature of casual encounters.
Casual encounters are great for spicing up your love life or finding something new amongst a routinely dull existence of work weekend work.
That’s what makes a site like so appealing for men looking to set up intimate encounters online… You may have tried the paid and free dating sites and found the women to be stand offish at the mere mention of casual encounters.
There is a place online where people speak openly about sexual freedom and enjoyment. Granted, most of the talk is done by men(the majority of the site), but make no mistake, there are enough women to go around if you are willing to spend some time introducing yourself. It comes down to being a numbers game…
Some women just wont be interested in emailing you back, some female profiles will be blank and not checked regularly. But sooner or later you will find a girl in your area that will be happy to get to know you more…
Your experience with will be strongly influenced by your ability to interact in a normal fashion with the women on the site (+ your location).
If you come across as an open and genuine guy that means no harm then you will have no trouble setting up that intimate encounter.
If however you are not willing to show yourself to the community via a profile picture and don’t express yourself correctly within the profile description there is little chance that you will be able to get anything out of your time in the members are.


To many guys expect that will be this amazing sex fantasy world (like it’s advertised) where they can pick up models in seconds and be banging them within hours. This could happen and probably does in some rare circumstances but the truth is that you need to put a little work in.
Remember that they are still WOMEN… do you understand what women want? Even though they are on a casual sex dating site does not mean that you should treat them any different.
In fact an important tip for successful casual dating online is to be forward in your approach BUT make sure that you still use your manners.
Orthough these women aren’t necessarily looking for love they still expect to be treated like ladies. By using manners and respecting the girls private space you will stand out from the crowd of sexually frustrated crazy dudes that frequent the site.
Women will be surprised that a gentlemen has entered the presence of and be very interested in getting to know you. This outward projection that you need to emit starts from the moment you enter the site. You profile image should suggest that you are a man who knows what he wants and knows how to get it. You description should be honest and forthcoming but doesn’t give away to much. Your online avatar(image you portray) should be approachable , sexy and above all else Safe. Women quite rightly have a programmed image of who you are and what you want.
This means it should be easy enough to stand amongst the sausage fest crowed of simply by being a honest approachable gentlemen who could secretly make a women very happy.
If you look over your AFF profile and see a seedy unapproachable unsafe man looking back then perhaps it’s time to take some new photos and rewrite that description…
All it takes is a trip to the barber and some new clothes to portray a whole new image. By doing this you also change your perception of yourself – this renewed confidence will be projected in your emails and chat sessions.
Don’t worry about getting rejected (even though it can be tough sometimes)
The online casual encounter world can be a tough place – there is a ton of competition with guys jostling for position and don’t forget that some of the women wont be angles either. These women are “seasoned” and they know very well what they want.
There are some safety considerations that need to be addressed: You need to be respectful of other peoples personal space and needs. If you have any oddities or personality traits that might make a women awkward these need to be fully explained before meeting up in real life. You need to take care of your physical and emotional self online which means not jumping into situations that could lead to harm.

2 thoughts on “How To Set Up An Intimate Encounter Online”

  1. I actually managed to hook up via a contact I got online, couldn’t quite believe she was interested in me (or that she would actually show)
    it was one crazy fuckn night

  2. I actually managed to hook up via a contact I got online, couldn’t quite believe she was interested in me (or that she would actually show)
    it was one crazy fuckn night

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