How To Show Her You’re A Great Catch

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How To Show Her You’re A Great Catch
You might think you’re a great catch but unless you able to outwardly portray your abilities and “show off” your attributes to the world she won’t know you exist.
Like men, women are on the lookout for eligible men. Males used to display and indicate fitness to women by fighting or building good “nest sites”. Thankfully things have changed… but not that much.
Your nest site is now your car/house/occupation. Your job or income is now the indication of your ability to provide and protect. It’s not so clear cut anymore however as women are able to earn just as much if not more money than men if they wish.
Let your confident and dominant masculine energy guide you when trying to impress a women. This does not mean that you have to be blatant about letting her know you’re a great catch.
Women are EXCELLENT at making inferences and accurate guesses about who a man really is. Heard of the term a “women intuition”? Dont try and game or cheat the system by lying about what you do or who you are.
If you really are a great catch then it should be obvious in your body language and easy going nature. Your conversation with women will be relaxed and care free because you know if you really wanted a women you could get one.
Show your women that you are a great catch by DOING not SAYING. Talking about how cool you are will be seen as empty promises and an inflated ego. Women are quick to spot posers so make sure you prove your worth by DOING.
This means pampering and surprising your women with gifts:
Taking her on surprise holidays
Surprising her with breakfast in bed
Even simple things like doing the washing or the dishes before she gets home from work.
Putting a bath on for her with rose petals and candles without the expectation of intimacy but just because you know she has had a bad day.
You’re a great catch if you treat he family well even if you cant stand them
You’re a great catch if you take her shopping for clothes when the games on.
Your’re a great catch if you get up in the night to put the baby back to sleep so your partner can sleep.
For the situations where you don’t have a girlfriend yet:
You’re a great catch if you have “skills” such as athletic ability, music ability, business skills. Anything that makes you some sort of expert in your field will attract girls (unless it’s stuff like being a world of war craft champ)
You’re a good catch if your easy to talk to and funny
You’re a good catch if your confident and positive
In today’s society you’re a great catch if your rich
You’re a good catch if you understand women’s needs, your open minded, humble or attractive.
A good catch will respect himself and set clear boundaries about what he will put up with from a women. A good catch does not let a women walk all over him.
A good catch puts himself second in a relationship. Ensure that your women is happy and that her needs are met. Satisfy her emotional and intimacy needs before yours by loving and caring for her.
If you are a great catch you will have SEVERAL passions that make you a very interesting person. Your character will be multifaceted which will make conversing with you very interesting. People who meet you will remember the interesting conversations you had together and this will get passed on.
A good catch is busy and not able to date a women at the drop of a hat. If she is lucky she will be able to set up a date for the weekend one week in advance.
In the end there are a ton of attributes that make you a good catch but to show a women that you’re a GREAT catch you need to go a little further and display this in tangible form.
Be somebody in society by acquiring excellent skills. These skills can then be easily “displayed” to women indirectly. The women then will flock to your door.

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