How to Sleep With Younger Women

When it comes to older men dating younger women, many questions come to mind. Is it normal? Why are younger women and men attracted to each other? How do you know if a younger woman is interested in older men? Where do you find them?

There’s lots of information here, so I’ve broken things down into four basic sections. You can choose to read it all, or skip to the sections that are relevant to your situation.

Is it Normal?

Is it normal for older men to be attracted to older women? If you take a look at the data Ok Cupid has compiled over the years, it’s clear that most older men prefer much younger women.

The study followed users from 20-50. It showed that as women age, they tend to be attracted to men within a few years of their own age. Men tend to desire women from 20-23, regardless of their own age.

Of course, there are plenty of women who are attracted to older men. The trick is being able to identify who they are. It also raises other questions. Why are older men and younger women attracted to each other, and can these relationships work?

Why Older Men Prefer Younger Women

The most obvious answer is that women are more physically attractive when they are younger. The second stereotypical answer is that a younger woman will make him feel young again. Both of these things are generally true, but there’s much more to age gap dating.

Unfortunately, many people see these as the only reasons older men desire younger women. There’s much more to the story for those who stop to consider. The real reasons go beyond physical attractiveness.

Connection vs. Significance

One of the more surprising reasons is actually a desire for deeper connection. When men are young, they are focused more on making their mark on the world. We’ll call this significance. Sure they enjoy hooking up with women, but they are focused more on becoming significant than developing a deep connection with women.

Older men have already achieved significance. They have already found their place in the world. Their status. They are now seeking more connection. They desire an emotional intimacy that they weren’t ready for or didn’t have time to pursue in their younger years.

Young women, on the other hand, desire a connection with a man. They crave a deep emotional connection. This feeling is particularly strong in women who didn’t have a close father figure when they were growing up or had a rough home life.

Older women are usually more focused on significance. They may have already given their lives to being a wife and mother. Now they want to live for themselves. To find their place in the world and achieve the things they put off to focus more on their family.

Young women want connection, while young men want significance. Older women want significance, while older men want connection. This imbalance certainly plays a part in the younger woman/older man dynamic.

Desire for a Family

Some men want to date younger women because they would like to have a child. They may have never had children, or feel like they missed out on much of their children’s lives.

Society tends to believe that women want children and men tolerate them. Men want children as well. They want someone to carry on their name after they are gone, someone to pass their beliefs and traditions to. If they feel that they’ve missed these opportunities in their younger years, there’s still time.

As women age, having a child becomes riskier and more difficult. When a woman hits menopause, it’s physcially impossibe for her to have a child. So if an older man wants children, he will have to seek a younger woman.

He Genuinely Identifies With A Younger Crowd

This isn’t the most common reason for older man younger woman dating, but it certainly plays its role. There are some 20 year olds who prefer to spend their weekends in watching Netflix than going out and partying. You would say they act older than their age.

The reverse is true as well. Some men may enjoy the same “scene” as younger women. They may have enough energy to party all night long, and enough financial security to truly enjoy themselves. Some men put on an act because they don’t want to feel old, but there are some men who simply fit in with a younger generation.

Less Pressure

When an older man dates a woman his own age, he knows the clock is ticking. Most older women are seeking a commitment. They don’t want to grow old alone, and feel that they only have a certain window of time to be desired.

Women in their thirties can hear the clicking clock as well. The clock that says the plan they had so carefully laid out for their life of a career, marriage, and children may not happen.

Both these scenarios put a pressure on a budding relationship, even if it’s an unconscious pressure. It’s not that these women are screaming for a man to put a ring on it, but both parties know it’s in the back of her mind.

A girl in her 20s, however, is in no rush for a commitment. She may be interested in forming a committed relationship, but she feels that she has all the time in the world. She can take things slow and let them develop naturally.

Are Older Women Bitter

There’s also a feeling that women in middle-aged are bitter. They’ve been done wrong in relationships. They’ve devoted their entire lives to men who have ultimately left them for someone younger. Whether this holds true in reality or not, it certainly affects men’s perception of women their own age.

Some women at this age may be bitter, but you can find bitter women at any age from 16 up. The issue is that the average middle-aged man thinks that women his age are bitter. Ironically, the one thing women seem to be bitter about is the fact that older men prefer younger women, and this bitterness could be pushing men in that direction.

The fact is that it really isn’t important whether the majority of women at this age are bitter. There are many great older women out there. The real issue is perception. When it comes to dating and relationships, perception matters more than truth. If you perceive someone a certain way, it doesn’t really matter if the reality doesn’t match up to this perception. The first stages of love and attraction focus much more on what we perceive and feel to be real than actual reality.

You’ve heard the phrase “the honeymoon is over”. You start noticing little things that annoy you. This is perception giving way to reality. You begin to realize they aren’t completely perfect, and reality starts to set in.

Why Younger Women Prefer Older Men

Again, let’s get the stereotypical answer out of the way. They are after his big… bank account. This may hold true for some women, but all women who are attracted to older men aren’t gold diggers. In fact, a younger man just starting to be successful is likely an easier target for an aspiring gold digger.

Older men generally have the experience and maturity to do enough thinking with the head on the shoulders instead of the one between their legs. They aren’t as easily swayed by a beautiful woman as their younger counterparts.

The second stereotype is that if she isn’t with him for money, she has daddy issues. Again, this may be true for some women. Even if it is, it doesn’t mean that the relationship can’t work out. She simply has a deep-seated desire to please a father figure. Dating her can be a win-win situation.

Less Pressure for Sex

One of the reasons younger women are attracted to older men is that there is less pressure for them to have sex. Older men are experienced, and they don’t feel the need to pressure a woman into sex.


Older men are far more mature than their younger counterparts. When a woman grows tired of the games played by the men her own age, she may seek an older man. Someone who is secure in who he is and what he wants.

Another aspect of this is that older men usually give a younger woman more freedom. They are secure, so they don’t get jealous easily. A woman has an easier time having a relationship and a social life outside of the relationship, because the man isn’t concerned with what she’s doing when she’s gone.


This is an often overlooked reason intelligent young women are attracted to older men. Older men have lots of experience in many different areas, including finances, how the world really works, and sex. They can pass this knowledge along to the women they date. This allows the woman to become more worldly, knowledgeable, and sophisticated at a much younger age.

They Have the Time

Older men have already established their place in their careers. They are often at a point in their lives where they have more time for relationships than they did when they were just starting out.

They are generally much more financially stable as well. This also gives them more free time. They aren’t working crazy hours to make ends meet. They have the time and resources to enjoy themselves, and are looking for someone to enjoy themselves with.

Can These Relationships Work?

The short answer is yes. The longer answer is, it depends. It depends on the reasons why the two people are in a relationship. If he is dating her simply to feel younger and she is dating him for his financial resources, the relationship isn’t likely to work out.

However, if they are dating because they are seeking a deeper connection than they can find with partners of the same age, the relationship stands a good chance of working out.

The other major deciding factors in whether an age gap relationship will work is what the couple has in common and their relationship timetable. If they enjoy some of the same things, leading the same type of lifestyle, and have the same relationship goals, the relationship will likely work regardless of age.

Spotting Young Women Seeking Older Men

Not all women are into older guys. However, there are lots of women out there that are. The key to successfully sleeping with younger women is to be able to know very quickly if she is attracted to older men. In fact, when it comes to age gap dating, there are three types of women.

First, you have the Type 1. She isn’t interested in anyone more than a few years older than she is. She thinks older men who find her attractive are creepy.

Type 2 girls are very attracted to older men, and much more interested in them than men their own age.

Type 3 girls think age is just a number. They really don’t care how old or young you are, if you meet what they are looking for.

Many girls are type two or three. Unfortunately, all younger women will have a D.O.D. A dirty old man detector. Dirty old men are the older men who hit on women the same way they did when they were 18. That’s why they come off as perverted, dirty, and generally annoying.

To avoid setting off a woman’s DOD, you simply need to act your age. Take your time. Get to know her before you start hitting on her. At this point, you should have plenty of experience with women. You should be confident and smooth enough to not appear on a girl’s DOD.

One way to find women who are interested in you is simply to engage younger women in conversation. Watch for any signals she sends that she’s flirting with you. If she seems interested, ask her out for a drink or coffee. This should all feel natural and friendly. Save the “date” for when you get to know her a bit better.

Where to Find Younger Women

The real question is where to find younger women who are interested in older men? The simplest answer is to go places that you enjoy. Women who are interested in older men will naturally be attracted to places where there are lots of older men.

However, you should never think that you have to go to a certain place to meet younger women. Any time you see a younger woman that you are interested in, don’t be afraid to approach her.

Older men tend to think that they are at a disadvantage when it comes to dating younger women. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Many younger women prefer an older man. Why wouldn’t they? You are mature, respectful, and experienced. All the things that your younger counterparts lack.

Art Galleries and Museums

Art galleries and museums are generally where you’ll find mature people. A young woman can expect to see older men here who enjoy culture, which they will find very attractive.


Concerts, particularly those with older acts, are another place you can expect to meet younger women interested in older men. Young women who enjoy older music feel like they belong to a different generation. They don’t quite fit in with people their own age. They do fit in well with an older generation, particularly older men.

High-End Lounges and Restaurants

Women know that an older man won’t be into the club scene. An older man would prefer to enjoy his drinks somewhere a bit quieter and more upscale. This is actually one of the best places to meet younger women, because it’s easy to engage them in a conversation.

Benefits and Fundraisers

Altruism is sexy, and older men are financially established and mature enough to be altruistic. This is why women will covertly go to these events in the hopes of “bumping into” an attractive older man.

Open Mic Night and Comedy Clubs

Again, the crowd tends to be older. This isn’t a scene for young people, so if you spot a young woman there, she’s likely looking for an older man. It also lets her know that you know how to laugh and have a good time.

Organic Grocery Stores

Young women are concerned about their health. This isn’t a place young women go to meet older men, but it’s a good place to bump into younger women in general. If you can start a conversation with them about the health benefits of ginger or ask them for a veggie lasagna recipe, you’ve got a shot

Dating Sites to Find Younger Women

There are two types of dating sites and apps you can use for older men younger women dating. The first are sites specifically devoted to this type of age gap dating.

The other type is dating sites that are frequented by young women. These sites generally have many more users, but you’ll have to sort through women who aren’t interested in dating older men. If you need help with your dating profile, you can find a great guide here.

Dating Sites Devoted to Older Men/ Younger Women

There’s one category of age gap dating sites that we are going to avoid today. Sugar daddy dating sites. If you’d like to learn more about this type of relationship, you can find it here. If you’d like a list of sugar daddy dating sites, you can find it here. For our purposes, we will assume that you aren’t looking for a financial arrangement.

Age Match

Age Match is an age gap dating site devoted to older men younger women dating. To sign up, you’ll need to provide your basic information including your age, location, and email. You can also link your Facebook account to make signing up a bit quicker. You’ll upload a photo, write a headline, about me, what you are looking for in a partner.

You can conduct a basic search for free, but you’ll need a paid membership to make full use of the site. A paid membership includes:

  • Advanced search
  • Initiate conversations
  • Appearing at the top of search results
  • Compatible matches and reverse matches
  • See how often members respond to messages

These are some of the benefits of an upgraded membership. Free members can send winks and respond to messages sent to them, but they can’t initiate a conversation. You can browse the site for free and see if it’s for you. If it is, you’ll really need a paid membership to have success.

The site has a large userbase for a niche site, making it a great choice for age gap dating. They offer verification. This lets others know that you are who say you are. When you see a verified member, you know that they are the real deal.

You can play Let’s Meet. This allows you to view photos and select like or pass. You can also like photos, request to see private photos, and ask questions that people can answer.

Gold members can write notes on profiles as well. This is great if you are chatting with several women at the same time. It’s your own personal cheat sheet.

Age Match is one of the best dating sites to find younger women interested in older men. It’s well thought out, easy to use, and more importantly, it has young women interested in meeting you.

It’s Just a Number

It’s Just a Number is a free age gap dating site. To sign up, you’ll enter your basic information, including age, location, and email address. Next, you’ll provide information about your physical attributes, lifestyle, and the minimum and maximum ages you are interested in. You’ll also write an essay about yourself and upload a photo.

Once you are signed up, you can conduct a basic or advanced search. One of the best features of It’s Just a Number is the way the search results are presented. You’ll see the member’s photo, age, and location like any other site. However, you’ll also see the gender and minimum and maximum age they are seeking.

This takes so much of the guesswork out of age gap dating. You don’t have to wonder if you are too old for a particular lady, it’s spelled out for you in the search results.

When you view a profile, you can send them a message, add them to your friends, or add them to your favorites. You can also see their activity on the site. You can also like their activity, similar to Facebook, and rate their profile description using stars.

One of the unique features of the site is the ability to add music. Your music will appear in the My Music section, as well as the music section of the site. Browsing music and checking out women with similar tastes gives you another way to connect on the site.

You can add photos and videos as well. Just like music, these will appear in the public sections and your personal section. You’ll find everything from music videos to pornography in the video section.

It’s Just a Number is likely the only free full-featured age gap dating site. It has a good user base for a niche site, and some innovative features. It should definitely be on your list of dating sites.

Ageless Dating

Ageless Dating is also a site devoted to younger women older men dating. This is a freemium dating site. Unlike most sites, you can use the site for free. However, you are restricted to ten messages a day and 300 characters per day. If you choose to upgrade to a pro account, you are allowed 200 messages each day and 2,000 characters per message.

To sign up, you’ll enter your basic information, including your name, location, and email address. Once you are signed up, you can complete your profile. You’ll write a profile headline, about me, and what you are looking for. You’ll answer questions relating to your appearance, lifestyle, religion, living situation, and hobbies.

One on email or instant message, send them a wink, or add them to your favorites or friends. There are forums as well, but they don’t seem to be very active.

The downside to Ageless Dating is that it lacks some advanced features and its user base is smaller. You are more likely to have success with the other sites.

Dating Apps to Find Younger Women

Young women are all about the apps. The apps listed below are very popular with young women. These women may or may not be interested in older men. The best option is to go by the age range they list on their profile. Even if you don’t fall into their preferred age range, it doesn’t hurt to see if they are interested. Just be prepared for some rejections.


Tinder certainly has lots of young women. While Tinder may feel like a young man’s game, the women you encounter may be more receptive than you think. Women on Tinder get tired of the dick pics and games they encounter from younger men.

With Tinder, your picture is essentially your profile. You’ll select your preferred age range and distance from you. Then you are ready to start swiping photos and choosing like or pass. If you both choose like, you’ve matched and you can begin chatting.

The great thing about Tinder is that it’s fun to use, and you can easily set the age range to see women you want to see. The other advantage to Tinder is that if you match with someone, you already know she’s interested in you.

You don’t have to worry about feeling rejected or being accused of being a creep because you are interested in younger women. If you match, you know that she’s into it too. You can find an in-depth guide to Tinder success here.


Bumble functions like Tinder, with one important difference. On Bumble, women must send the first message. Bumble is extremely popular with young women.

Once you match with someone, you can only chat on the app for 24 hours. This encourages you and your match to exchange information and move things off the app as quickly as possible.

It completely removes the fear of rejection, because women must make the first move. All you have to do is swipe. Then you wait for someone to match with you, and it’s up to her to send the first message.

Bumble tends to draw more independent and intelligent women. If you don’t mind waiting for the woman to make the move, it’s a great way to discover sexy younger women.


Clover is another app that’s very popular with young women. The app manages to combine features from apps like Tinder and Ok Cupid with suggestions for places to go like Foursquare.

Your profile can be as simple or as detailed as you choose. Clover offers lots of customization. Profiles are informative without being overwhelming.

Clover encourages you to get off the app and go on actual dates, even allowing you to plan your date and get recommendations for where to go in the app itself. The Mixers section allows you to attend virtual mixers that are created around a particular interest. This allows you to meet many people at once.

Of course, you can also use the good old fashioned search function, and message anyone you are interested in. The app is free to use, but some features require a premium membership. This includes the ability to filter search results by physical attributes and intention and send video messages. There’s also a like or pass section that works similar to Tinder.

Clover’s wealth of features and huge userbase make it a good option for age gap dating. With the wealth of members on the site and the ability to filter your results, you are bound to find some women interested in an experienced older man.

How to Sleep With Younger Women

Now we are down to the heart of the matter. How do you get a younger woman to sleep with you? How should your approach differ based on the age difference? What are the common mistakes older men make pursuing younger women? How can you ensure that she enjoys it enough to keep coming back?

The Most Common Mistakes Men Make

These are the most common mistakes older men make when they are pursuing younger women. Avoiding these pitfalls is your first step to success.

Not Acting Your Age

The biggest mistake older men make is thinking that their age is a disadvantage. This leads them to act like they are much younger than they are. As I mentioned earlier, your age is actually your best asset.

Not only are you throwing away your biggest asset when you don’t act your age, but you are also throwing up lots of red flags. Not acting your age screams insecurity and midlife crisis. This is not attractive to women of any age.

There are two ways in which men tend to not act their age. The first is in the way they engage with women. You remember the way you approached women when you were younger? You were likely either too shy, or too obnoxious, making it abundantly clear that sex was the only thing on your mind.

Would you approach women of your own age the way you approached women when you were 20 years old? Of course not. Approach younger women with the same dignity and respect that you would approach a woman of your own age with.

Trying to be too Cool

This is a common mistake as well. Many men think that they have to use the same lingo, dress the same way, and do the same things as younger men to get younger girls.

The simple fact of the matter is that if a woman wants a man who speaks in slang and where’s his hat backward, she’ll date a younger man. Again, your age is your advantage. You offer her something different. Experiences she won’t find with guys that are the same age as her.

Dress and speak as befits your age and personal style. Be who you are. If this involves a little slang or keeping up with a few fashion trends, that’s ok. As long as you are being yourself, not a younger version of you to try to get women.

The same goes for activities and hobbies. If you are a 60-year-old man who enjoys surfing, great. If you’ve always wanted to try rollerblading, give it a shot. Do the activities you enjoy, regardless of your age. Just don’t choose hobbies that make you seem “younger” because that’s your aim.

When you take a girl out on a date, bring her to your level instead of you coming down to hers. Again, treat her as you would someone of your own age. It will make her feel more respected, and show her just how different you are from the boys she’s been with.

The main reason why men try to act younger is because they are trying to sleep with the wrong women. Type 1 women will never sleep with you, no matter how young you act. Your age is literally the ultimate cock block.

Type 2s and 3s, however, will be attracted to you being who you are. When a woman wants an older man, they always desire a man who acts his age. With them, you’ll actually want to embrace your age. You may even want to play it up a bit.

Being Too Sexual

This is the quickest way to set off any woman’s DOD, regardless of her attraction to older men. Once you’ve set off that alarm, there is no going back. She will always view you as a dirty old man.

Most of the time when a man is pursuing a woman, he should push the envelope. He should be a little aggressive. When it comes to younger women and older men, however, the opposite is true.

You should feel safe, warm, and friendly. Avoid any behaviors that may be seen as creepy. There will be a right time to make your move, but you will need to exercise a little patience.

Not Taking Care of Your Appearance

Class is the word here. Younger women want an older man with class. It’s incredibly lacking in younger men, and something that younger women expect to find in older men. It’s also something they are extremely attracted to.

How to dress vs. how not to dress

This means taking the time to dress well. Keep up with the appropriate trends and hairstyles for your age. Always dress a little nicer than the average person where you are going. Make an effort with your appearance, including body hair. You’ll need to take care of yourself physically as well. Diet and exercise are much more important now than they were when you were 25.

There is nothing sexier than an attractive older man. I’m not referring to George Clooney looks here, either. Make an effort to always look your best when you go out, regardless of whether you are going to the store or out on a date. The extra work will pay off many times over.

How to Get Her Interested

You know how women your own age work, and you know what works with them. Younger girls, however, are a different ball game entirely. You’ll need a different approach.

Don’t Try to Impress Her

Your first instinct will be to try to impress them. This can include your job, knowledge, experience, etc. Don’t. That’s right. Do not try to impress them. You are the sexy older man. She should be trying to impress you.

It’s also hard for her to relate to the things you try to impress her with. If you mention traveling to Europe, and the only place she’s ever been is Florida for spring break, it’s hard for her to relate. This makes it hard to keep the conversation flowing.

Instead, let her talk. Girls at this age love to talk about themselves, so let her. It’s also good to use lots of teasing. Playfully tease her about the embarrassing story she’s telling you. They haven’t yet learned to filter what they say, so it’s easy to find something to tease them about. Just keep the teasing light and gentle.

If she asks a question about you, answer it honestly. Then turn the conversation back to her. If you let them, girls will literally do 90% of the work required for you to sleep with them themselves.

Compliment Her

Give her an occasional compliment that isn’t related to her looks. At this age, all of the guys around her know how to compliment her on is her looks. Tell her you enjoy her bubbly personality.

You can tell her she’s very mature for her age, but be careful with these types of compliments. They highlight the gap in your ages, and too much of that can become awkward. If you’d like a middle ground, say she carries herself very well or handles herself gracefully. This highlights her maturity without drawing attention to the gap in your ages.

When you do compliment her on her looks, it should be something that she hasn’t heard before. Maybe she has a cute freckle or beautiful hands. Do not comment on anything sexual or her eyes or smile. She’s heard all of those a thousand times.

Offer Advice

One of the perks of dating an older man is being able to take advantage of their wisdom. Unless you have a teacher or mentor type personality, you don’t want to offer too much advice. You don’t want to come off condescending or too much like a father figure.

You do have lots of wisdom to impart though, and well-timed advice can help you form a deeper connection. Her career, education, and issues with friends are good areas to give occasional advice in. Just be sure that it’s good advice.

Don’t Be Too Subtle

Young women don’t have the social experience that older women do, so too much subtlety isn’t going to work. Smiling and eye contact are a good start, but you will need to use more obvious tactics to let her know you are attracted to her. The best way to build attraction with younger women is through teasing and touch. Let your actions do the talking.

Building Attraction With Touch

Never underestimate the power of touch, regardless of the age of woman you are after. However, with younger women, touch seems to be even more effective. As we age, we become used to being touched by others. We can get desensitized to some degree. Young women, however, are extremely sensitive to touch.

Every time you touch a woman skin to skin, her body will release oxytocin. Oxytocin is the hormone of bonding and attraction. It’s a feel good chemical that is released in large amounts when a woman has an orgasm.

Every time you touch a woman, even “innocently”, oxytocin is released. This will greatly impact the way she thinks and feels about you. It also makes her crave more of your touch, and can even get her craving sex with her.

Touching can also get a woman to do what you are asking her to do. Studies have shown a 57% increase in women complying to a request when it comes from a complete stranger when she is touched during the request.

Even though touching through clothes won’t elicit the same biochemical response, there are still times where it’s useful. First, it’s a very safe touch. You’ll want to start off with safe touching, and you can’t get any safer than touching through clothes.

Touch Progression

There are four different types of touch you’ll use with a girl. You’ll also move in a progressive fashion, starting with incidental touch and working your way up to sexual touch.

  • Incidental touch
  • Protective
  • Romantic
  • Sexual

Incidental Touch

Incidental touch is the most basic and innocent of touches. It can appear to be accidental, like brushing your hand against her arm. It also includes lightly touching her arm to get her attention, or your legs slightly touching when you sit together. Incidental touch is the touch you’ll use most often, particularly in the beginning.

Protective Touch

Protective touch is just what it sounds like. When you are walking and you put your hand on her back, this is protective touch. It can also include holding her hand to lead her through a crowded room.

Any touch that makes her feel safer and more secure is protective touch. You’ll use protective touch any time you want to lead her or the situation appears risky. This includes crowded areas and walking across the street. Giving her your coat or scarf can also be considered protective touch. You’ll want to use protective touch any time it makes sense.

Romantic Touch

You’ll use romantic touch when you are ready for things to progress and get more physical. This includes holding hands, kissing, and touching her face. Use romantic touch about five minutes before you ask her to come to your place.

You don’t want to use romantic touch tooZXs early. First, it can backfire if she isn’t ready. Second, once romantic touch starts, her body will begin to become more responsive.

Once she really starts to get turned on, you only have a certain window of time to make something happen. If nothing happens, she will end up losing the attraction and rejecting you. Don’t use romantic touch until you are nearing the point where you can be alone with her, so that you can continue to get her more and more turned on.

Sexual Touch

When you are alone and ready to have sex with her, you can use sexual touch. This includes touching her butt, breasts, inner thighs, and kissing her neck. Once you start using this kind of touch, she will get very turned on.

Start slowly. Tease her. Make her want you more and more before you move on to sexual acts. Sexual touch is actually the first stage of foreplay. The more you use it, the more turned on she will be.

Ways to Touch Her

Here are some of the best times and ways to touch her.


Touch her somewhere when you introduce yourself. Holding her hand for a moment is good. You can also place your hand lightly on her upper arm for a moment. This breaks any tension and sets the stage for you to continue to touch her on your date.

Ask Her

If you notice an interesting piece of jewelry or clothing, ask her if you can take a closer look. This gives you a reason to touch her, and it allows her to give her consent. This gets her more invested in the interaction.

The Tap

The tap is simply a tap on the hand or the forearm. You can also poke her stomach lightly. You can do this when you are asking her a question, especially if she seems a bit distracted.

High Point

When there’s a high point of positive emotion, touch her. The touch should match the intensity of the positive emotion. If she laughs at your joke, touch her hand. If she’s rolling in the floor, pull her to you or into your lap. You can put your hand on her back or cup her elbow. Just be sure that you are touching her somewhere when she’s happy.

Subconsciously, she will begin to equate your touch with the positive emotion. In her subconscious, it will be as if your touch caused the positive emotion.

With younger women, touch is the main weapon in your seduction arsenal. Use it often, and you’ll have her craving more of you.

Satisfying a Younger Woman in Bed

Are you concerned that you may not be able to keep up with the sexy young girl you want to bring home in the bedroom? You aren’t as young as you used to be, and that can result in some physical issues. These tips will ensure that you are both sexually satisfied.

Know the Competition

Before you get performance anxiety, you should understand your competition. Yes, younger men are at less risk of equipment failure. However, they have very little experience in what pleases a woman.

They tend to rush through foreplay, if they engage in at all. They also tend to think that the only way to have sex is as hard and as fast as possible. With your experience, you should be able to please a woman much better than any man of her own age. Show her what she’s been missing.

Foreplay, Foreplay, Foreplay

Foreplay is very important for getting a woman turned on. As you age, it becomes more important for you as well. Always start off with foreplay. The best part of foreplay?

If the worst happens, and you can’t perform, she never needs to know. Just turn it into  “I just want to please you tonight. You can pay me back later”. This leaves her very satisfied, and it makes you look like a great guy who genuinely cares more about pleasing her than yourself.

Take It Slow

There is no need to attempt the fast and furious pace of youth. Women will find more pleasure in sex with you if you go slower. Alternate between periods of teasing and moving very slowly and intense thrusting. This will drive her crazy, and it’s also much easier for you to maintain.

Be Prepared For Her Inexperience

You may literally need to teach her a few things. Younger girls and guys generally aren’t comfortable talking about what they want and what feels the best for them. Don’t be afraid to offer her a little gentle instruction in what you like.

She may not be open to telling you what she likes. While it’s always a good idea to ask, you may have to wing it. Lucky for you, you’ve got enough experience to figure it out without her telling you.

Trust Your Experience

Trust your experience and your instincts. You know how to please women. You know how to read their body language. You know the signs her body is responding to what you are doing. Your experience is your greatest asset in the bedroom.


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