How To Talk To Women – 11 Sins


Mehow just released the 11 Sins Men commit when talking with women. This is a free report released by Mehow to help you communicate better with women.

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Mistakes Men Make With Women Sin #1 – Getting To Close

By leaning right in close to her to early you are showing how in to her you are. She needs to think you are only into her once you have gotten to know her properly.
By leaning back and taking it cool you project a sense of dominance and confidence. Let her come to you. Sin #1 can be easily observed at night clubs by heaps of guys. It is easy to change – just self observe your body language to see if you do this too.

Mistakes Men Make With Women Sin #2 – Serious Pick Up Lines

In case you havnt noticed – pick up lines are not meant to be used seriously. They are meant to break the ice and start a conversation. If you are all serious thinking that a one timer pickup line is going to do the trick then you will be sadly mistaken when she shoots you down.
Plus lines are just lame and old and can be picked up on very quickly by women who great social sense.
Some guys will actually go up to a girl and say, “Do you have a mirror in
your pocket? Because I can see myself in your pants.”
This is just downright insulting to a women. Some freaky girls might like the attention but you don’t want to be attracting those types. You might just end up in jail with a drug addiction in less than a month.
You need to convey a symbol of “not having to try” to get women. So just the aforementioned pickup line conveys the complete opposite. Never act as if you are trying to get the girl…
For example try the lame pick up line above with a serious tone and see how it goes (if you have the guts)
Now try it in a joking way with humour, like you are taking the piss out of pickup lines and douchebags in general.
An example of this kind of humour:

Mistakes Men Make With Women Sin #3 – Ignoring Her Friends

She does not want you to come up and just talk to you and hence have to ignore her friends. If you take her away from her support group you are negatively effecting your chances with her. By gaining trust with the whole group and even flirting with her friend you gain her trust one hundred times more than if you singled her out.
Because if her friends like you and she trusts her friends the likely progression is her beating a path to your door. There are even times when the hot one gets jealous as a result of you NOT talking to her because

Mistakes Men Make With Women Sin #4 – Bragging

I would have to say one of the BIGGEST turn offs for women would be BRAGGING
There are certain ways to brag if you have to but if you can help it –
Its killing your chances of ever getting with the hottie. As much as you like to tell girls how you clocked the latest world of warcraft game or even your new car THEY DONT CARE…
Girls want to be WITH successful guys but not with successful Brags. The reason for this is men who are really confident do not have to brag. Bragging indicates insecurity one of the core turnoffs for women.

Mistakes Men Make With Women Sin #5 – Ignoring Your Friends

Friends are very important to girls. If you show her that you will automatically drop your mates for the latest hottie in town you are really saying you don’t care about your friends.
Or though you might think, surley the more attention I give her the better (like what you would want)
This is not how it works with women
Once again desperation is a major turn off and must be avoided like the plague.

Mistakes Men Make With Women Sin #6 – Buying Her Shots

Or at least you are once again conveying to her that you are trying to hard. When you first meet her you need to gain her trust.
What does “can I buy you a drink” mean to her?
It may have been a nice gesture 10 years a go but now girls are onto it. Later in the night or a few weeks later its a great idea but not when you first meet her.

Mistakes Men Make With Women Sin #7 – Talking to her about her problems

You do not want to associate yourself with her problems. Her problems are for her and her friends to discuss. Thats what girlfriends are for. Do you want to be another girlfriend?
Do not offer your counsel when she starts talking about her problems no matter how good your problem solving skills are – and I bet they are great, thats what men do.
Just not on her personal life – remember you are trying to seduce her this shouldn’t be the time for life stories about her ex.

Mistakes Men Make With Women Sin #8 – Waiting three days to call her

According to Mehow – Waiting three days to call her is a really bad move. Almost all hot girls have boyfriends so she will be spending that time will him.
You will have lost whatever spark you had. Rather than thinking you are un-needy just be really cool instead. Call her that night or the next day. Just make sure you have your phone game sorted out.

Mistakes Men Make With Women Sin #9 – Asking Her Out On Every Phone Call

IF you want to ask a girl out when you call her up you must not say. Do you want to go out with me? You must command this from her. Accept that of course she wants to go out with you… Its not even a question right?
So you would say
Now that we are obviously going out …
Iv hooked up a great restaurant for tomorrow night be there at 8.
(Using cocky comedy)
Now don’t come across like you just assumed you were going out after one conversation, thats just weird but at least assume as though she of course would want to go out with you. Command respect and you will get it.

Mistakes Men Make With Women Sin #10 – Telling her how you feel

Girls love touching talking and sexual tension. But this is different to you telling her how you feel. Her not knowing what will happen turns her on.
When you tell her something like, “I like you,”‘ you might as well be
saying… “I like you, you wanna @#*%?”
The moment you tell her, “I like you,” or any number of equivalent phrases,
her attraction for you will sink like the Titanic.

Mistakes Men Make With Women Sin #11 – Asking to many questions up front

This seems and unintuitive sin which is why many people do it. By asking a bunch of questions up front you end up putting alot of pressure on her – she will have to work without getting anything back.
Keep in mind she does not know you yet and would like you to introduce yourself. She would like to listen to you for just a little bit before all of the questions start pooring in. It is easy to start off with a question as it takes the pressure off of you but women find this too much. Start off with fun and quirky statements instead.

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