How To Use Oasis Active Successfully

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Oasis active seems to be an upstanding site by all accounts: There are very few user reviews or voting regarding user experience around: I would love to hear everyone’s opinion on the site:
When you look around at some of the female profiles, most of them have “no looking for sexy fun times” or “no intimate encounters” which suggest either women are very aware of male intent or they have been virtually hit up once too often.
Of course the majority of women offline are not looking for an intimate encounter so there is no reason to look for it online therefore no reason for men to assume/hope they will be keen.
Oasis active looks like a great place to meet Australian singles IF you behave yourself, IF you are somewhat eligible and IF you use your online manners. Does this sound JUST like offline dating to you?
If you are unhappy with oasisactive then there are plenty of paid sites at the top of this page! Many people complain about users and site features or ads on the site but that’s what the market has produced. Perhaps being grateful for free dating in the first place would be a better place to start.
If you are actually looking for a long term girlfriend with marriage then eHarmony is the obvious choice. But living in Australia there will be less of a following (still considerable) compared to US eHarmony singles. Of course there is also RSVP. Not to worry, you can still use oasis active as a serious relationship finder . Just be aware of free dating site user “quality”

Women on Oasis Active

The lack of maturity of girls from 18-25 has a been raised
Some girls younger than 18 manipulating age, many unable to cope with the emotions of dating online
25-35 is a good age range to target if you are looking for successful dates and mature conversation.
They will be looking for: your ability to provide, interesting hobbies, health (size,smoking)
They have choice

Successful Dating With Oasis Active

Honesty (to a degree)
Don’t use “Divorced” or “Separated” in your profile in ANY WAY, a women does not want to know that you have already be DIS selected by women. They want to know that you have been PRE selected and already desired by women.
Don’t expect to get replies from women if you are 40 and they are 25 (date in your age group)
Don’t get down if you email suitable singles with similar interests and they don’t reply. This is something that you can’t control and you have no idea what she is thinking so just accept it and move on. (numbers game)
If you know any women with free dating site profiles you will be amazed at the sheer number of requests to date they get.
Assume that the women you are emailing has a ton of unopened emails in her inbox. Assume that she scans the emails quickly and is well aware that most of men behind them are weird and not for her.
Assuming you’re not a perverted weirdo you need to come across as the RIGHT man for her. Are you the man she is looking for? If she’s hot and you’re not there is little chance.
Be aware that eligible women will be juggling many male conversations at once and they have to choose between you and the others.
You need to take responsibility and initiative to search and chat especially if you are a regular guy on a free site. If you are at a popular paid site you will find more serious women looking to meet up.
According to whirlpool forums women on oasis active have a buffet of men meaning they can afford to reject somewhat eligible guys. Same old story with online dating sites in general that are free.
Perhaps lowering your “standards” or sending out emails that are better targeted will increase your success. The volume option is always a winner – just be prepared to travel to her once you set up and offline date.
Dont get stuck on one member and one initial email template. Mix up your approach and be persistent.
Here is a good approach:
Email as many women as you can that are in your area:
If they respond and you find yourself on their friends list then take action. Actually organise a real date offline because they will not be so aggressive. Remember they have options. If you don’t get them off the couch some other dude will.
If you don’t take the initiative once you get an indicator of interest from a women they with piss around “getting to know you” and then most likely flake out.
At least get there number if they are not keen for coffee.
Basically the more normal you can be the better: Avoid the extremes, I want to shag tonight and the I want to take you on a romantic vacation tonight.
Be a little forward about the experience and don’t be shy to tell them what you want.

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  1. Great rational article here… Finally some reality online about what women are looking for. It’s obvious that some women women would love intimate encounters but what they really want is a man who will stick around.

  2. For Oasis active yout must be PATIENT. I have been rejected 90% of the time and I would described myself as a stocky dude , a bit overweight but not FAT or Obese. I kept up with it and I now have several girls on my profile. It took sending out hundreds of request. I have a couple of dates organised and their phone number. Bith girls sound great but one of them seems to a great fit. Remember dont get discouraged if you get denied. Its OK , it happens to most guys unless your really tall (some reason girls love that) or your looks really stand out.Make your profile sound interesting as well. Write it as long as you want , give them something to read.
    DONT put shirtless pics of yourself , girls will think you love yourself and its very narsicisstic. Dont put pics of you smoking !!.Dont look drunk ! Sure put pics of you having a drink and a good time but dont look like a drunk pisshead, its a turnoff for woman. Never start sexual banter , its weired for them when they dont know youvand many will delete you at the first sign. Try to put engaging pics of youself , maybe 3 or 4 and put your best pics on as well. Dont have blurry pics or darkned pics. Dont lock you photos. I have never undersrtood private photos on oasis active . it seems a waste of time and you or the girl should naver have comprosmising photos on there anyway.
    Try to orgaise a date if the conversation is going well after a week. if she doesnt play ball then move on. Chatting for weeks at a time is a waste of your time when there could be other girls on their willing to meet you face top face.
    I have noticed alot of the more attractive girls put nothing in their profiles or toally immature comments especially the 20-26 age group. Ignore them. They either dont take it seriously or they know they will get requests from ‘hot; guys either way.
    Always request girls with detail in their profiles because you know they are serious about meeting someone.
    Oasis active can have results , you just have to have the right techniques and BE REALISTIC about the girls you want. Even average looking girls get HUNDREDS of requests a weeks , so YOU MUST STAND OUT.
    Remember many guys treat it as a source of easy sex and unfortunantly many girls fall for them.

  3. Alot of women claim they want a casual relationship but when you offer to meet for that exact thing they wierdly say not interested wth??? That cock teasing.

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