How To Use Online Websites Like Twitter Instagram and Facebook To Get Laid

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Building your online presence involves having a number of social accounts and publicly updating statuses with images and video.

One method of using websites to get laid is to join sex dating websites such as adult friend finder however this is not always the best option.

Sites such as youtube instagram twitter and facebook pages for groups are so social and public now it’s a great way to get your name out. The problem with this method is that your often attracting people that wont be in your local area and your more building your personal brand than publicly advertising yourself for dating.

BUT – there are some massive positives to doing this!

Publicly uploading videos about your passions and doing daily vlogs about your life should attract like minded people. You can create a community in which you are the start which makes you look very attractive. Even though the status is small there is still some celebrity status attached to building up your own youtube audience.

The same applies for twitter and instagram which may work better. You start sending private messages back and forth and before you know it your meeting up for drinks in the weekend.

Getting laid using twitter facebook instagram and the other large and free social media websites allows you to leverage the huge success of these websites.

You can create money and a small amount of fame in the process which should make it pretty easy to get you laid. But don’t come at it from and angle of getting sex because thats kind of creepy… but rather from just using these connecting websites for what they are supposed to be used for. Connecting people 🙂

Sharing workout images at the gym with a location attached allows onlookers to see they actually live close and could come and join you sometime. You might be surprised at the number of messages you will get.

There is a possibility that you will get negative comments but this is something you will have to live with.

You dont have to add to much extra to your life with this method of getting laid using online websites. Just pull the phone out when your at a cool event and take a few snaps with your location and what you were up to. You can also caption it with a public invitation to join you at locations which is often what youtubers do now. If you feel weird about this your account does not have to be linked or connected at all with your personal facebook account so it’s unlikely any friends will notice. Lets be feel though overcoming your own shyness of being judged is also a big part of this process.

Twitter is a great online websites to get laid because by default its a global free text messaging machine with PM’s

The trick is that your sending it out to the world rather than that girl next door.

This is a shotgun approach if there ever was one but as I said earlier its a more long term and whole approach. Business/job deals, revenue potential and lifelong friends can come from this so it’s not just about getting laid.

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