Find sex using the breakthrough messenger WHATS APP.  android ios

Whatsapp has smashed competitors and with the acquisition from facebook it’s not going anywhere. The problem with using the messenger whatsapp is that you cannot use it to search for men and women online. It’s not a dating app but you should use it along with other dating sites like adult friend finder or tinder. Getting a girls whatsapp number is great because it’s a more personal way to communicate. Whatsapp uses your personal phone number, so its not just an instant messenger inside a website.

Sex online = New contacts + relationship building

The only way to increase the chances and frequency of sex you get from your efforts online is to increase the number of NEW people you meet and the relationships you build with them over time.

There are a ton of ways you can build relationships with girls and guys online which include chats and skype conversations… whatsapp has added another variant which includes sending little text messages throughout the day.

Relationship building using whatsapp

You build trust with continued contact, real life meetups and sharing personal stories… you have to mutually open up to each other which usually occurs with the sharing of secrets and past stories.

If you want more sex throughout the week with different girls increasing the trust and attraction levels is crucial. Sometimes the girl you’re texting is not actually interested in you sexually so all that time spent on whatsapp messaging is going to be wasted but practice for the next i guess. Many of these girls love attention and consider you a lovely new FRIEND that is giving them compliments… SEX in the near future? not going to happen. But for the most part your persistence and continued flatterly will break through the walls of defence every women has to have up and your use of whatsapp will mean a great night and potential relationship in the future 🙂

Spend the time to build trust either within whatsapp or must better offline. This way you get a much more personal relationship with each of your whatsapp contacts.

New contacts

The problem with these messenger services is that they do not help you with your BIGGEST PROBLEM! Your issue likely is that you do not live inside the circles where attractive promiscuous women hang out. You have to find a way to continually add new female contacts to your phone… It’s the way guys who have sex regularly (sex with different girls every week) manage to do it. It’s a lifestyle where new friends and people come in and out constantly. Invitations to parties, meetups, business mixers, tradeshow events, casual house parties in penthouses and trips to different countries in the weekend for golf.

Tinder is great for this kind of thing – you want to add as many contacts as you can and organise as many group meetups as possible. At the end of the day you would much rather be fucking someone than sitting in front of a computer trying to right?

So the whole point of using technology should be to have a great time away from it. Skype online sex chats and webcam girls are great fun but what is much more fun is real one on one contact with new women. There perfume, personality and energy is what will motivate you to new heights in your life. So get on sites like adult friend finder, badoo, tinder, pof or even facebook. Get out there and meet new people and try whatsapp to add a casual but personal touch to your relationship building phase.

I suggest that you also use the whatsapp messenger in bars and clubs when asking for numbers – suggest that you grab her number for whatsapp messaging. It’s a must less obtrusive way to ask for a contact.

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WhatsApp Instant Messenger 

The chat screen is just used like a text message screen so many people use whatsapp for that purpose, Great contact management and auto import from your contacts list whatsapp makes it easy and cheap to contact your friends.