How To Write A Dating Profile

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It is easier than you think to spot a dating profile that was thrown together in a few minutes. The result is very few responses from other members. 

The profile comes across as, “if they cant take 5-10 minutes to describe themselves its just not worth it”, that impression is not a great start. When first impressions are so important you want your online dating profile to say something about you.

How To Write A Dating Profile

This is how to write a dating profile that is truly authentic and will attract members that you want to attract and no one else.

Be Authentice

Most dating profiles from women are authentic and really say something unique about them. As a result they receive replies from guys that are matched with similar interests.

The one big online dating profile mistake!

Inflation of looks height and personality traits

Even if everyone is doing this it still does not make it ok to do. It’s kind of like teenagers thinking that they have to dress a certain way or act a certain way to be accepted by a group. In the end you cant fake it very well and end up just looking foolish plus you are unhappy because you are not being yourself.

As a result you never really get accepted and your constantly faking it

Worse you will be cheating others into thinking your superficially attractive or whatever else you write.

At first it seems you are getting something for nothing and boosting your ego by writing a fake profile end the end its a lose lose situation for everyone involved.

So now you know what not to do lets look how to correctly write you dating profile.

If you remember nothing else it is to be yourself and write truthfully about what you enjoy doing.

Let’s say you are a short guy maybe a little overweight… This is ok! If you are happy with who are that will come across and this confidence will be attractive to others.

Know what you want

Be up front direct – Know what you want

You will have much more success with dating online if you know what it is you want from the situation.

e.g. Hey I am extroverted guy looking for only serious relationships. I am done with just finding more friends and need a deeper connection. Only reply if you are looking for long term relationships. I enjoy holidaying, romantic evenings out and sporting activities.

A Headline Helps A Heap

By using a catchy headline about yourself instead of “hey im ray” you will receive many more responses.

What about

Rich, Single 38yr Male Looking For One Women Only

It’s not great but It would do ok. Just be aware of your current titles and if they say anything about you and why members should click you instead of thousands of other male punters out there.

You know what I’m talking about.

Lose lame guys with massive moral issues, no moral fibre but no how to sell themselves due to big egos that hide weakness inside?

There are HEAPS of them out there and the women will find them because they are “working hard” to promote.

If your not rich and attractive use your other traits too sell yourself. Down to earth? Mention this and it will get noticed.

Be Honest and Modest

In some dating sites you will only have a few paragraphs to describe yourself so you must make the most of it.

Using modesty when writing your profile is something that most do not think of but it works great! Most people do not think about it but it is so easy and intimidating to see inflated profiles. These people inflate their looks and achievements so much that it is repulsive to most users searching.

You will only attract other inflators if you fall into this trap.

Writing a great dating profile is not easy and you may have to rewrite it a bit until it really says something about you! But more importantly is getting the responses that you want.

If you are serious about this you can always get help with dating profile.

By being modest and truthful from the start you may get less emails but it will be worth it in the long run due the building of rock solid trust, the key to long term relationships.

NOTE: if you are after fast one nighters then you are likely reading the wrong post 😉

Arrogance and boasting will send members running faster than anything else in an online dating profile. Modesty is hot bragging is just plain immature and  lame.

Virtually all women will avoid men who constantly boast! So be proud of your achievements but include them subtly in your profile using modesty – NOT an easy thing to do so perhaps use caution with this one.

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