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How About We Date Ideas
Play best out of three checkers tournament
Check out the gallery opening later this week
Sip tea and slurp noodles
Cross soe errands of our list
Shop for pop rocks
Drink wine and see who laughs first
Attack the Sunday cross word at a local cafe puts the date back in dating by allowing YOU to invent fun dates and ask each other out with the dating activity being the focus. You end up doing cool stuff with local singles rather than spending hours in front of a computer looking at email.
The compatibility of is in the doing. The magic happens offline where it should happen so you get more facetime.
By proposing a date that would like to go on you are asking other howabouwe daters to reply… in the hope that they will have similar interests. The problem is most people like to tick of errands and slurp noodles…
HowAboutWe is a great concept for creating first dates but it does not solve the problem of mismatched personalities.

How To Use How About We .com

Decide apon your motives:
Life partner and soul mate
Quick fling under the bed covers on a chilly night
Somewhere in the middle…
Chances are you’ll be somewhere in the middle leaning towards someone that you really connect with. The great thing about howabouwe is that you get to choose and suggest the date. No matter how crazy it comes out you have the power to throw it out there and see if anyone bites.
You then check out the profiles of the singles that are interested in your crazy or perfectly normal first date and bingo you just hooked up. Well not yet… After a few emails and can arrange a time to perform the first date that brought you together.

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