Humor A Secret Weapon To Attract Women

PROGRESSION Over Degeneration

If you don’t think humor is attractive and doesn’t turns women on think again
If you think your un-funny think again
Every guy has their own funny mannerisms and their own personality. If you don’t think your funny then your just trying to hard in an area that’s not right for you…
If you’re a quiet guy…
Stop trying to compete with the loud mouthed gabber who has every one liner in the book!
He’s been doing it for years and you suck at it!
To much stress and humiliation is brought about by trying to be someone your not. This really does apply to your sense of humour too.
It sometimes just a case of finding the right group of people. You just need to click with the right guys and girls and you can automatically be the funny guy because you feel different in this new social dynamic.
Rather than forcing – try a different approach, keep trying until you feel at home. This is where real genius is found.

Kinds of humour that turn women on

The quite guy with the dry witty one liners that only the switched on really tune into. Usually the funniest of the lot but everyone’s to tuned into the alpha male to bother listening to what he just said.
The In-your-face, somewhat obnoxious funny guy with the big mouth. Makes everyone feel welcome and able to sit and listen while he talks about himself. Always has something really great stories with funny punch lines. Works in radio
Inappropriate humor guy – what stand up comics use for bread and butter material. Just be super honest about awkward topics, it’s funny because nobody has the guts to talk about it. You have to laugh otherwise it would be weird. Always great to have.
Sarcastic dark humor guy: Has to find his niche to be understood. Into sci-fi
The funniest of all: Inadvertently funny guy – often doesn’t say a lot but has periods where he is extremely funny. NEVER actually tries to be funny but somehow just is through the phrases, styles and actions he uses.
He is very cool in his own way, not afraid to keep on being who he is even if everybody else thinks he’s different.
Can be wrongly perceived in certain groups and if matched with the wrong personality type can lead to a humourless relationship.
Final thoughts
So what can we learn from this… how do we use humour and a touch of zen dating advice to attract women. There is no doubting that women are attracted to humour. Laughing releases the good stuff in us all an without it we would be very sad indeed. Humour is a necessary part of courtship and relationships so don’t think you can go around without it.
The final thought is to find your own niche in life – find the people who really “get” you and get your humour. Most wont get your unique angle – you might not be the real funny outgoing guy who seems to be so valued in society but there ARE people out their for you.
Never stop looking for your place and never stop trying to return to your central self. The self that allows you to be the unique funny guy that lets go and really shows off and celebrates his personality.

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  1. good list of humor types! It’s important to be yourself… your so much worse off if you not

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