I Love OKCupid

Okcupid is everything that’s great about free online dating

The whole way the site is set up just speaks volumes about the guys that run it. I’ll be doing a heap of how to articles and general chat on okcupid in the future but just thought I would write this first.

Apart from the fact that they don’t advertise (that much) and apart from the awesome geeky mathematics behind the whole operation OKCUPID just comes across fucking awesome.

There are so many tests you can do about a bunch of different topics from how slutty you are to how much you love cars. These tests are great just to get to know yourself better but they also convey something real and tangible (based on fact and stats) to other singles.

I really don’t see why you would choose plenty of fish (apart from their size) over okcupid.
The css and whole interface and browsing experience of okcupid is better than other free dating sites. It’s set up for simplicity. It’s free. It’s a little quirky and sort of cartoony. There ok trends blog is statistical and brings out dating advice that is based on user experience rather than conjecture.
Their size at the moment could be a little bigger but it’s only a matter of time before everyone else catches on.

If they pushed their ads a little more they could use that money to advertise but I guess they are just focused on building the value of the site itself and letting word of mouth do its thing.

Ok before I cream my pants here I better stop and let you go…

But yeh I just don’t have anything bad to say about the guys that run it. They are all big time MIT grads etc who run other big companies and they come from a good place (in their heart). Any bad experience you have on okcupid will be because of the idiot users wrecking the experience (free online dating sites tend to attract filth).

These guys could be paid and smoke other companies out of the water! Like easy date plc… yuk (be naughty, cupid.com etc)

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