I want my ex back

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One day I woke up with complete clarity – I had been feeling shitty for months all because my boyfriend left my for my best friend. Not only was I betrayed by my best friend but my boyfriend too – we used to do everything together, we had so much fun and now I know why they always liked hanging out!
It get’s me very mad just thinking about all those times we had together and all of those times they would have been flirting behind my back.
So now that the two most important people to me have left my life I am left feeling super average.
The worst part about this whole thing is that all I really want is my ex boyfriend back – I know that sounds really weak. I mean he left me for my friend but I know deep down she is just manipulating him… it’s what she does.
He has even told me that he still has feelings for me so I am not going to give up hope that he will get his senses back and return to me.
So I am really just asking for some advice on how a guy would be feeling in this situation and what to do next… Why would a guy leave his girlfriend when he still feels love for her?
It’s hard to believe because we had so many great time together. Perhaps he just got very bored.
So anyway I woke up a few days ago and was saying out loud over and over… I want my ex back, I want him back, I’ll get him back… It was weird. Something must have happened in my dream or during my sleep. It just felt right for him to be with me.
I new she wasn’t right for him. But I know I cant go rushing in their and force him to change his mind. I have to figure out why he left in the first place.
So in my efforts to get my boyfriend back I began listing the possible reasons why he left and what I could do to change his mind about the whole thing.
I pretty much came up blank on ways I could convince him to come back. I knew that I had been pretty distant and I didn’t really make him feel special and valued that was because this was reciprocated by him.
The relationship just kind of got stale – it wasn’t that we would fight all the time… the relationship just got a little boring.
But now that he is having such a great time with this girl I’m not sure why he would want to come back to me.
To get my ex back I guess I am going to have to show him how much fun I can be. But I’m guessing there are plenty of other things I need to do. It’s all pretty daunting especially as my two best friends have left.

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