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There are two faces of ihookup which we want to paint here. It is critical to give both the bad and good side of a website when trying to come up with a good review. This is what we trying to come up here. With your help we can make this a great piece of information so others can be guided. So please feel free to comment below what you think about iHookup.com or tell us your experience if you have been with them.

Going back to our review these are the main points that we have come up with.

  1.  IHookup.com is a scam or a total rip off full of fake profiles to con users into buying their paid subscription.
  2. The website is pretty new in dating industry therefore it’s understandable to have inactive real users.

If you will Google “iHookup.com Review” there is a pretty good chance that you will see a bunch of negative feedbacks about this website. People are saying that they have been tricked into signing up to this website. Some would bluntly say that it’s a rip off or a scam. Others would report fake profiles with stolen images and videos, and the list can go on.

Reading two or three of these commentaries is enough to make you feel suspicious. When I visited the website I was able to take what they called as a free tour. Instead of landing into their homepage I was actually looking at a page that seemed to be a public member’s wall. It was a profile of sexy if not smoking hot woman. It seemed that she has been around the site long enough. It also says that shes’s looking for some dates or hook up. This must be my lucky day, huh.

Scrolling down and reading her wall posts I noticed that a couple of days ago she posted some wacky pictures of herself. That was also the last time she logged in. If I’m taken for an idiot I would have easily believed that I got the chance to talk to this gorgeous lady. But something is wrong here, and I will tell you why.

First there is no way that a good looking girl like her would be openly looking for a date at this hook up site. For all I know she could be one of Victoria’s Secret super models or similar to it. Looking at her albums and photos uploaded, all of them shows only her, either she took the picture from a mirror or someone else took it. No pictures from public places or with her friends. Some are even cropped, she must be hiding something!

Okay you might think that I am judging this site harshly… By all appearances the site looks very professional!  But I doubt most of the female members are real. I hope they are for everyones sake but these hookup sites have been known to create fake profiles that post messages and updates to liven the site up. She might be a cam model which is there to give cam shows etc.

On a lighter view, iHookup.com is doing well at Compete and Alexa Rakings. Despite its age and negative feedback we can see that the site has a substantial number of visits or hits in the recent months. But this is not something to celebrate because most dating and hook up sites are great with rankings during their early days and decline as time pass. Let’s wait for a few months or a year and see what they really got.

I would have to admit that I am impressed at the design and looks of the site itself. The homepage load time is pretty decent. It looks clean, easy to navigate and pleasing to the eye. The homepage offers tabs to navigate into several pages like, Meet Local Singles, Real Guys, Real Girls, Speed Dating and Hookup Tonight.

The last two tabs talks about how the site can help you get laid quickly. Interestingly they offer hook up guarantee for paying members. First time members are guaranteed to find a hook up with a gold 3 months or 12 months subscription. All you need to do is complete your profile with one photo. Log into your account once a week, and if you can’t find a hook up they will extend your subscription for another three months. Now, do you think they do this with confidence or just another trick to make you buy their paid subscription? It’s up to you to decide.

If you will just scroll down at the bottom of the homepage you will see a badge that says “Finalist 2012 Best Up and Coming Dating Sites”.  Now I need your help figuring out what sort of organization or awarding body has nominated and made this website a finalist. This is cheeky, if it’s legit perhaps it would have been appropriate to put a link to the awarding body for purposes of verification. And hey it’s only July as of the time of writing is not too early to choose best dating sites of the year for 2012?

IHookup.com believes that they can help you anyone get laid. They are confident that the system they use to test and match for sexual chemistry is pretty good. It uses unique algorithm to match you with someone who you will be sexually compatible, considering fetish, sex drive, kink factor, and location. If this is true then it would be worth the try. Keep in mind that sexual matching is only good when you have someone to match up with.

What impressed me though is their drive to push “un-relationship” hook ups. Now we’re talking! This should be the general member’s atmosphere and according to them, being in the un-relationship zone means that you don’t have to maintain any relationship with any person. You’re only focus is having fun, and being flexible with your adventures. I admit this is unique and I never heard about this from any other sites.

Now that we have made out points, that should conclude our review. But then again we value your opinion and what you have to say. If you got complaints against iHookup.com you can voice it out from out comment box. If you got issues with us or with this article in particular please let us know. And we would be more than happy to address them as much as we can.


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