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Imlive provides a variety of performances by different models (female, male, couples and shemales) ranging from dirty talk and striptease to private sex shows with masturbation using sex toys. The website also features the interaction with popular porn stars like Alexis Texas, Tori Black, Lexi Belle and Sunny Leone which adds to the charm of Imlive.

Industrial Recognition

The website has won both AVN awards and YNOT awards for “Best Live Chat Website” and “Best Adult Webcam Company” in 2011 and 2012. Furthermore, at the 10th annual XBIZ Awards in 2012, the website’s affiliate program was named “Live Cam Affiliate Program of the Year”.

The Concept of the Website

Imlive works like any other online shopping website (e.g Consider the performer, called hosts, as products and you are the customer. Customers are required to buy Virtual credits which are used to pay for all the services the website has to offer including the tips to the hosts. The charges of services like private shows vary from host to hosts ranging from 1 to 6 virtual credits per minute. The credits are sold in the multiples of 25. The hosts are given the 30% of what they earn through different services to their customers. A rip-off for the poor hosts but hey, that’s how the world works.

The website also has a smartphone version.

First Impression

The first impression is always the lasting one, be it of a person, a product or of a website. It is a deciding factor in the customer’s ability to judge whether this particular person, product or website is worth their time and money. Imlive passes this strenuous test with flying colors. From the moment you log on to the website, you are mesmerized by the quality, class, and distinction of the content. You get the feeling that you have stumbled upon something special. The moment you load the homepage, you are dazzled by the tempting beauties trying to pull you into their world.

Imlive manages to keep a professional and business-like appearance by utilizing ads and file images to separate different sections of the website. Every left center link takes you to a different selection of webcams be they live cam shows or recorded videos and shows.


Search and navigation plays an important role in keeping the user’s interest in the website. Imlive tackles this problem beautifully with its simple layout and easy to use interface. Despite its tremendous variety of features and options, Imlive is very easy to navigate. To keep the user from getting lost, the top menu is always available for the user if he/she wants to get somewhere on the website.

One of its best navigational features is the Advanced Webcam Host Search which allows the user to filter the models he or she might be interested in and shows them in a single gallery. These search and navigational features, being extremely user-friendly, are also one of the reasons behind the website’s popularity.


Imlive provides many different features which provide an easy to use and user-friendly interface and differentiates the models into a variety of categories which allows the user to browse through the website without losing interest.

The users have the luxury to choose from over a thousand online models. To make it easier for their users to find what they are looking for, Imlive has created a lot of different categories allowing the users to narrow their search results. Limited but rewarding access for the guest accounts and the memberships provides the users with an entire arsenal of options and large access depending on the type of their memberships.

One of the features which are rarely seen on other adult live cam chat websites, Imlive provides the users with the lavish freedom to watch several hosts through their live cams at once and to take a peek into their chat rooms. The Imlive has named this innovative feature as Multi-viewer. The website also allows couples to chat and group chats.

The main striking feature of Imlive is the chance for the users to win back the money they send through weekly draws.

While the paid members enjoy a large amount of access and freedom on the website, the free users also get satisfying, if not equally enjoying, experience. The guest users can not join the chat rooms but they can watch the live webcam shows from the sidelines. To attract more traffic to the website, Imlive gives guest users access to zoom in and out and pan the webcam around the room with control of the brightness and contrast of the live webcam stream. This amount of freedom to guest users is rarely seen on any other live webcam websites.

While Imlive is a globally accessible website, it is also available in a multitude of languages making it readily accessible to the people around the globe. These languages include English (US and UK), German, French, Danish, Greek, Norwegian, Japanese, Swedish, Hindi, Punjabi, Turkish, Dutch, Russian, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. It is truly a cam website for people everywhere.

Signing Up for Webcams and Account Information

To sign up for a free account on Imlive, no credit card is required. Just choose a username, type in a password you can remember easily and provides your email address for account verification. It’s as simple as counting 1, 2, and 3.

Once a free account has been created, the user is redirected to the homepage where tempting file images of the models are displayed with a variety of colorful and tempting option like different model categories, different deals and opportunities, credit balance and favorite models.

Signing up for a free account is may have its perks but the real benefits of an account are the private shows. Virtual credits are required to watch the private shows but the account holders with zero virtual credits also enjoy the same level and quality of shows as a guest user with a few added bonuses such as the unlimited chat with the adult webcam models, the freedom to adds cam chat models to the favorites list, ability to receive email notifications from the models and website built-in messaging services.

Paying Member Options

When the users top up their accounts with the credits, they are in a position to spend their credits in a number of ways including Live Private Shows, Recorded Shows, and Happy Hour Shows.

The Live Private Shows are the classic private live webcam shows. Recorded Shows are the recorded videos and sessions of the past adult webcam shows. Happy Hour Shows are reduced priced private shows. These shows run on special Happy Hour credits and any regular virtual credits spent here are refunded in happy Hour credits. The users also get an exclusive 4 minutes one on one time with the happy hour adult model of their choice.

Membership Levels

Different memberships have different advantages. After the creation of the paid account, the basic membership is allotted to the user. This membership is also known as Bronze membership. After the first four purchases, the user is automatically promoted to Silver membership enjoying a new range of exclusive features and benefits. Once the user has purchased 1000 points, that Silver member is automatically promoted to Gold membership giving him or her a wider access to exclusive content. Once a user has managed to acquire 10,000 points, he or she is automatically promoted to VIP membership which is the highest membership the website has to offer. The users literally get a VIP treatment at this stage. They get discounts and special services and whatnot.



Imlive can be summed up as a technological leader in the adult webcam industry and it seems like it will stay that way in the near future as well. Imlive doesn’t lag behind any of its competitors in every aspect be it in terms of member features, number of registered and online adult webcam hosts and credit bonuses.

But while it is 100% free and is a good way to enjoy the free adult model shows, the users should be very careful when entering their credit card information because such complaints have been made about Imlive and many other adult live webcam show websites. If ever in doubt, just take advantages of the free shows that Imlive offers and enjoy those. There are mixed reviews about the Imlive like any other such website but it has many entertaining aspects that the users can enjoy without having to pay.


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