Important Dating Tips for 2011

As we move forward it’s important to recognise the ill doings of our past… even if douchebag guidos are to blame for all the pathetic pick up lines and macho (but feminine) looks and attitudes that got us all rejected at least once.

As we move into 2011 let’s take note of what has worked and more importantly what has failed…
A sense of humour will be important in 2011 as it has always been.
Humour is attractive because you portray
Socially dominant characteristics
Willingness to make others laugh
Humour eases the mood and relaxes an otherwise tense first or second interaction.
A sense of humour is important for a guy.
But for any women reading… being outgoing and the center of attention leads to fewer dates than if you sat back and looked pretty (sadly) Men are easily intimidated by women that are dominant.
So it’s good for a guy to be funny and openly joking /funny but not so great for women

Let this be the final call:

Pick up lines don’t work… AT ALL
They do not initiate conversation or suggest that you are witty in any way. In fact if that line you just said sounds remotely like a pick up line it’s crosses next to your name. They are rehearsed, corny, and closed statements about your personality rather than open ended insightful compliments.
Dating conversation in 2011 is going to be based on real time conversation that is forever changing based on the current news and situation.
So to make myself clear
Chat up lines… almost ALL of them don’t work.
The chat up lines that do work are any lines that trigger the other person to talk about THEMSELVES in an interesting way.
What animal would you be?
What pizza would you be?
Maaaabey use :
I had a dream about you last night
And then go on on talk about why it could have been her etc.
If you’re wondering what to say to a women when on a date here is ONE simple dating tip to remember.
Somewhat scientific studies have been conducted in England that confirm that if you ask questions that are related to your dates interests you will increase your chances of a second date…
It seems that your attention and apparent interest in THEM is enough to win her heart. Of course you actually have to BE interested in her to pull it off…
Successfully winning over your dates heart in 2011 is going to be all about being authentic. Women are sick of fakes and phoneys and can pick them a mile away so ask her questions about herself and pay attention. How hard can it be?
Of course your female date will be polite and will invariably ask you a similar question about yourself. When talking look into her eyes and smile – be honest about your life and what you want. If this means you don’t get laid tonight (and you could have if you lied) then so be it…
Most guys would lie… but you are better than that right?
Dating in 2011 is about being authentic, real , honest and in doing so being a better you (ergh, did I just say that?) At the risk of sounding like a big girls blouse I will continue:
By being more honest and accentuating you personality rather than stifling it you are finally able to punch above your weight. And punch you will. Promiscuity is on the rise and online dating site will continue to shack singles up for casual bed snuggles.
So enjoy finally being more of you: be honest about what you want and go out an get it in the new year.
If you are looking for more success with women and dating past victories should be used for reminiscent purposes. Dating gurus and coaches will continue to dazzle us with marketing wordplay and fantasies of womanising.
In the end you need little of this coaching but buy it you will: As the buying decision cares little for rational thought.
Your dick might do the talking for parts of 2011 but I hope that you will remember our little talk. Trust yourself and the direction in which you want your life to go.
The women will follow for women are drawn to the powerful man who knows what he wants.
Re-read that last bit, it’s important that you get what I am hinting at.
You need not chase and impress women with your money hair or jokes. Take control of your life, if that means starting a new job or going back to college then so be it.
Let your instincts lead you to power. Once you succeed you will be amazed at the women that race to your side.

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