Industry Secrets To Seduction: Qualification

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One of the biggest areas of attraction and pick up that guys seem to get wrong is the area of qualification. Once you get over the initial hurdle of approach many fail to qualify themselves in a subtle manner or fail altogether to bring up their own value. You are never boasting when you qualify… you are just suggesting to her that you have status in the interaction.
Attractive women need to know that the guy they are talking to holds some position of authority in the world or has localised status of some kind. This can and should be implied in your dress and body language but don’t leave it to chance… Something as simple as “I was in paris last week and…” the fact that you travel around implies wealth.
The qualification element should be brought into conversation indirectly rather than talked about as the  main topic of conversation… Nobody really cares that you have money or are able to visit wealthy countries in your spare time…
BE HUMBLE about your qualification element because arrogance is very unattractive…. However understated confidence… now that is the kind of guy that women want. Casually throw in an indication of your status and let her join the dots on what that value means to her. In the end you can make up her mind for her. Forcing her or reminding her that your the captain of the football team screams wussy validation seeker… another unattractive trait of insecure guys.
Introduction > attraction{potential neg}  > qualification > comfort > Escalation with Keno >  Sex
Notice that you will have to qualify yourself to her before she will allow you into the comfort phase? Guys will often try to jump straight to comfort building, thinking that she is seeking a gentle well spoken guy right from the start. During the comfort phase you share secrets and get to know each other like friends would… A vital phase of your friendship but one that comes AFTER the initial introduction phase and qualification phase.
Guys… get qualification hammered down so you can move onto working on natural keno escalation. So sooner rather than later  you can be using this stuff naturally without thinking about it. Because there is nothing more weird than thinking through consciously in your head each phase and exactly what you should be doing next. Let this stuff come naturally to you – think about where you might of mucked up the next day and mental note it… Then leave it altogether rather than dwelling on it.
When you become aware QUALIFICATION ELEMENTS you will notice women that are attracted to you from the initial stages will prompt you to qualify yourself. You so most women are natural  born seducers – they don’t know that it’s called the qualification stage but when she’s into you it will become glaringly obvious! She will continually prompt you and encourage you to talk about your achievements to find out if your worthy of moving forward to comfort phases. These questions might be education, work or travel related. Note them when they come up and realise you could be in the process of being picked up by a women!
Taking Small Setbacks To Heart
When your pursuing a women that’s 7/10 or higher your going to get some resistance – guys that fail and have to accept less take resistance as the truth and back right off.
Let’s say you approached a women on the street – you ask for her number to early and she says no… Most guys will assume she is not that into them when in reality she just needs some more convincing.
It should be obvious to you when your pushing it to far and she is actually not interested but in most situations you can always arrange some sort of meeting or contact… Even if you grab her full name and add her as a friend via your phone.
If you get a setback (rejection) don’t assume she isn’t interested… it’s usually because you have jumped forward on the ladder of escalation and she needs some qualification elements. If you have enough status and prove to her that your worthy or her attention she will never turn you down. Women are very social creatures and any chance they have of expanding their circle they will take.
If she is still not interested don’t be disheartened – she may have a boyfriend or just not be interested and that’s OK.

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