Insight Into The Top 6 Female Turnoffs

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Insight Into The Top 6 Female Turnoffs
A mind that is firmly fixed on attracting women rarely stops to consider its actions.
There are attributes to a man’s personality that turn women off.
Single mindedness is a great strength of men but stepping back and assessing the situation and the facts every so often is vital.
There will be areas of your dating game that are terrible but you just can’t see them yourself.
You might think your a pro at communication but this is the one thing that is screwing the whole thing up for you. Often your friend is just too nice to let you know about it in fear of ruining the friendship. You need the truth about where your screwing up so you can fix it.
NOTE: If you are attracted to insecure arrogant fat girls who smoke drink and gamble excessively this article is not for you

Turnoff #1: Honesty

Women hate the thought of man trying to “game” her or win her over. Women love to be chased but not to be lied to about the intentions of the game.
In the early stages of a relationship you need to be 100% honest about where the relationship is going.
If you’re in it for intimacy/sexual contact only and lie to her about love and romantic walks on the beach she will be furious.
This also involves being honest about when and if you are going to ring her the next day. Always be honest about who you are, women hate a poser who says he’s rich and famous and turns out to be the local janitor.

Turnoff #2: Communication Skills

This has long been a pet hate for women.
Communicate to women about your plans and direction for the relationship so she doesn’t have to go off to her friends and gossip about what might happen.
This also involves communicating about your emotions and how you think the dates are going. If you think the dates are going badly then she will most likely be thinking the same thing.
If you continue to miss communicate what is in your head, it will lead to fights that could have easily been handled by a simple text.

Turnoff #3: Arrogance Idiotic Men

There is a big difference between confidence and arrogance and most men get it wrong. Confidence is and outward portrayal of self esteem.
Arrogance is a false wall built to protect a weak or damaged self esteem. On the outside it seems fin but everyone intuitively knows something is wrong.
Arrogant men put women down and attract damaged women with low self esteem. Confident men constantly compliment women of all social backgrounds.
Arrogant men rate women out of ten thinking that they are actually worth something themselves.
In reality they are about 5/10 maybe 5/10 on a confident day yet they joke about fat women and would only go out with 7.5+/10.
Arrogant men joke about slaying women in the weekend but deep down are pitifully and desperately alone. They are too stupid to change their attitude so continue to drown their insecurities in alcohol and cigarettes.

Turnoff #4: Boring Men

Apart from having bad communication skills your idea of an enjoyment is to stay in and play world of warcraft until your eyeballs implode.
Now video games are fine but do you really think women want to play them?
Boring men provide nothing but a night out at the local restaurant and on the whole have nothing to say so much that the silence is deafening.

Turnoff #5: Excessive Drinker /Smoker / Gambler

Obviously a big turnoff for women.
Women want a man who is in control. If you are at the pokies every night smoking and drinking this leaves little room for emotional connection. Control yourself!

Turnoff #6: Needy Guys

Women want a man who is secure enough to let his women go in the understanding that she will return. You do not have to constantly keep an eye on your women.
If a friend texts her or likes her comment on facebook this is not a reason to get jealous!!!
The very fact that you’re getting jealous is turning her off!
Establish trust and connection when you are with her and cherish the time spent in her presence.
This will ensure she loves no one else but you. When it is time to go… let her leave and do not chase her – give her the power to make her own decisions and she will love you even more for it.
By understand what turns women off you can clean up any nasty areas of your personality.
If you know you need to work on your personality skills then read up on some first date questions.
If you drink too much and are a bit overweight find the courage within to ease up on the drink while starting a fitness regime.
In the end it’s your body and the more secure and personable you become the more your will attract into your life.

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