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instabang review

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Time is precious so let’s dive straight into the Instabang review.

Quick Facts:

  • You will have to upgrade to respond to messages
  • There are some fake and scammy profiles
  • Instabang and its parent company websites have been around for some time and are considered trustworthy.
  • Tinder Plus is probably a better option 

Don’t you just love a dating site that is honest enough about what you should expect from it?

But if you do find your soulmate through the site, then good for you. This is especially true if you’ve gotten laid several times with different members along the way.

It is designed to be a playground for people who simply want to connect physically, with no strings attached whatsoever.

But this is not all that makes Instabang the weapon that adds a bang to your uneventful date nights or sex life.

It has plenty of features that will make your foray into adult dating very exciting and interesting.

Hot Members

Okay, describing someone as hot may be subjective, and what other people think as hot may not be to your liking. But with millions of members, you are sure to find someone who will get your heart racing, send your senses tingling, and make you feel feverish.

Then again, with photos served sexy and steamy, you will surely feel all pumped up just looking at them.

Signing up in Instabang is absolutely free, and you would already have the option to browse through members’ profile and view their pictures and videos. If you want to enjoy more benefits and have access to other features, subscribe to a silver or gold membership.

Personal Profile

What’s a dating site without a profile page? With Instabang, you have an opportunity to sell yourself through your personal profile.

The only difference from other seemingly innocent sites is that you can tell other members what you’re down with, whether it’s casual or kinky sex, or something downright nasty.

Sell yourself in such a way that if you were presented in an auction block, the bidding would go anywhere else but down.

The rule of thumb in creating a profile is to keep it unique and interesting. Don’t forget to upload your best photo to increase your chances of hooking up.

Video Galleries

A few days or weeks after you sign up; you are likely to have a list of favorite users. With all the boobs, butt cheeks and whatnots, it’s almost impossible not to.

From your list, you can then check out videos and webcams without paying anything. Heck, if you are not that picky, just browse through everyone else’s videos and webcams, it’s free, anyway.

Moreover, no one will judge you for unleashing the voyeur in you. Besides, members who are showing off on videos or web cameras would need an audience like you. So have fun viewing video galleries to your heart’s content.

Photo Galleries

If you want to take a break from the exciting world of personalized motion pictures, check out picture galleries instead.

There are no limits as to the number of pictures that you can view, but you have the option to set a member’s profile as a favorite and stick with it.

Every time one of your favorites uploads new photos, you will be the first to check them out. But why limit your viewing pleasure, right?

Video Chat

This feature, along with online chat, is only available for paid members. But can you imagine the interesting things that can happen during a video chat?

Since some members give you more bang for your buck, you should consider signing up for either a silver or gold membership.

Besides, the more private and intimate the conversation is the sooner you are likely to get laid. What are the odds that you or the person/s on the other end would take dirty talk to the next level?

Search Features

To ensure that search returns matches what you are looking for, take advantage of advanced search features that allows you to search for new members, find out who is online and specify your search preferences.

Here nothing is ever murky or ambiguous, so you can be crystal clear about your preferences.

Are you looking for new experiences, group fun, online flirting, casual encounters, meeting in person or open to having a relationship?

Other search criteria that you can use include who’s visited you, sexual preference, users with photos, interests and other factors you would normally find in other dating sites.

Browsing Settings

Setting your browsing preferences to safe mode will make sexually explicit photos less sexual. That is, some pictures will be blurred out or eliminated altogether from your search.

This will prove very useful when you are using the site in public places or when there are other people in your home. If you are an exhibitionist, however, you won’t find any use for this particular browse setting.

Apart from great features, Instabang is very easy to use. In fact, you can already browse through single members even before you sign up. Simply follow the prompts in their easy-to-use site.

Once you get to a member’s page, only then will you need to supply your email, password, age, sex, zip code and information about who you are looking for: men, women or couples.

With all that talk of scams through dating sites, you can rest easy with Instabang. The site provides a safe and secure browsing experience for all of its members because the website is encrypted.

It also uses discreet billing information, so no one will know that you have a gold membership.

Is It Worth It?

It is definitely worth a try, especially if you are not in the market for long-lasting relationships.

In this dating site, it’s all about saucy hook-ups and getting laid, what with all the members sharing the same goals — to get to know each other intimately, literally. So, if you have a lackluster sex life, rev it up with Instabang.

Have you used Instabang? Did you hookup with anyone? Let us know in the comments below!

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