Interactive Free Online Dating With WooMe and Chat Roulette

Got a webcam and microphone?
Happy to display your ugly mug to strangers and risk rejection?
All in the name of love and connection says the founders of use the software called chat roulette which enables you to “speed date” online
You create a profile and smack in your location and bam! your talking to a stranger (just women if you choose) in your area. There is  no guaranteeing that they will be attractive or that they wont leave immediately upon seeing you! (just joking)
Users of woome have the ability to decide on whether you “wooed” them or not – you get to talk to them for a longer period of time later once the speed dating play has run it’s course AND if BOTH of you clicked the WOO button.
Heres how it works:
According to
Chatroulette was the most Googled Social Network Plus America’s Top 10 choice for dating online in 2010…
The no cost instant gratification payoff of chatting with anonymous singles near you can be a real rush no to mention addictive (weird saying “not to mention” when you do straight after…)
Anyway – chat roulette is very popular with singles and all you need is a webcam and microphone.
Chatting live with someone you have never met can be a very WEIRD experience. You might find the two of you staring blankly at each other and constantly interrupting each other due to internet connection lag.
The experience is surreal and weird at first but is actually pretty exiting.  You get used to talking openly with strangers and over time your conversation initiation skills get much better (because they have to)
Most singles on woome are normal and reasonably attractive… The demographic skews toward the younger crowd due to the technical nature of webcam chat setup.
Some users have said that there are creepy old guys and weird men looking to chat with girls which can ruin the experience but in the end you have the power to say NO DEAL and move in search of normal singles. is a great way to rapidly connect with alot of people in a short space of time. You save money and time and at the end of it all you have a short list of cool women or men to email or video chat later. Basically you cut out all the bullshit and get straight to the point: would I actually get on with this person? I think you can get a pretty good read on people simply from a quick video chat – Well better than anonymous email anyway.