Is Adult FriendFinder really free?



Adult friendfinder does provide a variety of membership options and packages but in short NO they are not a free dating site, in order to use the site effectively you are going to need to upgrade your STANDARD free membership to a silver or gold etc…

But to put things in perspective adult friendfinder does provide a very professional service and there is alot you can do for free on the site. You are able to respond to any email you do receive, you are also able to contribute to the interactive AFF magazine by answering questions. It’s understandable that they place many restrictions on your free standard membership – the site would not be able to run without the many premium members.

If your of the mind that these kinds of sites should be free you have to be aware that not every site is able to operate 100% free as there are many costs associated with running a website.

If you decide to sign up with a paid membership at adult friendfinder it can be as little as 25CENTS/DAY which is very low when  you think about how much fun you can get out of it.

Note that it only ends up being 25cents/day if you buy a longer term bulk plan (it ends up being cheaper the more months you buy in advance)

Gold Membership Plans

  • 1 month plan – Special Offer price is $19.99 (New customer discount) regular price is $29.99 per month .
  • 3 months plan – With 1 month free offer is $59.96 which is equivalent to $14.99 per month.

Silver Membership Plans

  • 1 month plan – $17.99
  • 3 months plan – $32.49 which is equivalent to $10.83 per month.


It really comes down to a decision – do you think that trying something new and having full access to this database of swingers and sexaholics is something that is worth the prices above or not. has been criticised for having a large number of male users compared to female but I just dont think there is any way around this. When it comes to sex men want it more frequently thus the ratio gets pushed one way. An adult personals website at a 50:50 ratio would be impressive and ideal but it’s just not the reality we live in.

Adult friendfinder is free to sign up and respond to messages, you can even chat to members that initiate the interaction BUT messaging other users – accessing the AFF APP with all features ( and being able to use all of the search features is out of the question without paying money.


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