Is a Free Dating Site?

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Most of those who are new to online dating would ask “Is a free dating site?“. The answer is NO, in order to use the full features of this huge adult dating website you will need to pay for membership subscription or at least earn some credits. There are few things that we would like to clarify about how AdultFriendFinder membership works. Keep reading and you will get a good idea on how to get free credits and use it just like a paying member. We will also clarify how to get free gold membership account

1. AFF is FREE to REGISTER is not a free dating site but anyone can signup or register for free. They allow free registration without the need to verify or use of credit card information like other dating websites out there. This gives everyone a chance to easily get free standard membership. This will already allow you to fully set up a profile complete with pictures and videos if you like.

All you need is a valid email address to verify your registration. With’s free membership a user is allowed to use basic search function, send winks and flirts to anyone, join public groups and discussion boards, set up a blog and many more.

A free member will be able to chat with Gold members only if the later will allow it. So free membership is basically enough to get noticed and have your place here to show your personal ad and test drive the site while considering an account upgrade.

2. Needs to UPGRADE to get FULL ACCESS to the site.

Since is not a totally free dating site, members are asked to upgrade their membership to have full access of the website’s features. Once a free member tries to access a premium member only page an upgrade page will appear.

There are two types of premium memberships levels at They are Silver members and Gold Members. On each level a member can choose how long they want to subscribe. There are monthly, quarterly and annual plans to choose from.

This is how the site makes money, like any other business they too have expenses and bills to pay. It takes a lot of hard work and a lot of cash to maintain a site like Specially now that they have more than 20 million members with thousands of active users at any given hour of the day.

3. 25 ¢ per DAY for 1 YEAR Silver Membership is a win-win deal.

Upgrading your AFF account into a silver premium account will just cost 25 ¢ per DAY for 1 YEAR. Spending $0.25 per day on AFF does not sounds a lot of money. Consider how much money you spend when you go out to pickup ladies. Here you only need to make a one time payment of $89.99 and you already have 1 year silver membership.

4. You can BUY CREDITS instead of Membership upgrade.

If you are weary of buying membership, you can buy credits instead. You can use these credits to use some of AFF premium services available only to premium members. This is like having a pay-as-you-go account. You have full control of how much you want to spend. You can top up your account by buying more credits whenever you need to.

5. EARN or COLLECT POINTS and convert them to CREDITS. has a rewards points program. A member can earn a certain number of points by using the site. More points can be earned by participating on site’s discussions and other activities. They also give points by referring friends into the site. Once you have collected enough points you can then redeem them into credits. That is one way of earning AFF credits for free!

How to get FREE GOLD Membership at offers free gold membership for those who will subscribe to 6 months or 12 months gold membership plans. So literally this is NOT a free gold membership offer. You still have to buy a gold membership plan and get EXTRA month/s for free. This offer is just for a limited time and may not be available all the time. A member who will subscribe to 6 months Gold Membership plan will get 1 month free. While it’s an extra 6 months free if you upgrade to 12 months Gold Membership plan.

Hopefully this has been helpful. To sum up it’s clear that is not a free dating site. Although they accept free membership you will need to upgrade to have full access to it. $0.25 per day for 1 year subscription is too bad for an online dating investment. But there are also ways to enjoy the site without paying a single penny.

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