Is Being Naughty More Fun Than Being Nice?

Be naughty’s line within it’s dating is

Be Naughty… it’s more fun than being nice.

By being naughty they are suggesting you should join the party and find some casual dating/casual sex fun in your area with them. The alternative, (being nice) would be to settle down and find a soul-mate or long term partner. Being nice refers to being nice sexually – not stepping outside your sexual boundaries and remaining fairly pure. It means staying loyal in the knowledge that more enjoyment will come through happy marriage than will come through sexual experimentation.
What are the real world manifestations of this naughty or nice phenomenon?
To generalize I have listed two types of guys below. One is the sticker – the guy that commits early and get’s his heart invested early in a women, the other is the player that holds his emotions back and sleeps around for long periods of time. Neither is better or worse… it depends on what stage of life you are in and what you want from relationships.

The Sticker (being nice)

The sticker chooses a girl – get’s infatuated with her in a short space of time and gives his all to her. He is incredibly  loyal despite incompatibilities between him and his chosen women and is prepared to sacrifice for the long term survival of the relationship/marriage.

  1. The sticker loses out on much of the party fun
  2. The sticker doesn’t get to feel the excitement of new love
  3. The sticker avoids the heartbreak of broken relationships
  4. He usually settles down and has a happy marriage with a soul mate and friend for life

The Player (being naughty)

Great personality – may never actually settle down and have kids – misses out on a LOT – but also enjoys love and sex much more than the sticker.
The player by all outward appearances is having the time of his  life. Deep down he would love to find a women that really get’s him. Sadly most relationships he finds himself in end abruptly. He is a genius at seducing women and getting them into bed. The player unquestionably has more fun in the short term. But more often than not ends up in some complicated broken marriage situation.

The Solution

I would suggest that you do a little of both – start off with a little of that player flair and find out what kind of women you would love to be with long term. But make sure that you end up as the sticker. Spend time on the decision and once you have made it stick by your women.
By combining both naughty and nice you get the best of both worlds. You get the experience and enjoyment of new love and great sexual experiences… During this time you will socialize and meet many new people.
You will have independence and learn self reliance while you strike out on your own. You will follow your goal and passions without being influenced by women. But then you transition into “the sticker”… by now you are financially free and have great life and sexual experience. You meet the women of your dreams and have no  trouble convincing her your great husband material.
You start to realize how wonderful it is to be able to trust someone completely and get to know them so intimately. They become you best friend and you stick with them through thick and thin.
It’s kind of like friend finder vs eharmony
I think most guys would take the casual dating approach any day but deep down your looking for something more meaningful than a simple lay. The joy of orgasm is always over to soon – unless it’s the thrill of chase and “new love” that is motivating you.
Either way it’s about striking a balance between being too dependent on your girlfriend and committing far to early in your development. This is detrimental because you are usually committing based on fear that you wont be able to find a suitable girlfriend if you don’t. It often restricts your development and you sacrifice too much to early.
Often couples that get together early and stay together lose the motivation to better themselves that they once had. This only occurs in some cases – if you find a women that you really do love there is nothing wrong with being the sticker for your entire life. I just think a healthy dose of playing the field gives you much needed perspective and experience.
Your worse off if you never get out of the player mindset – never being able to settle down and make a relationship work can lead to much loneliness.
Be Naughty
Be naughty allows you to be both naughty and nice and switch between the two – the be-naughty mode lets’ you view certain risky photos and view certain profiles that the nice mode doesn’t.
For the most part it’s a safe bet that the users on benaughty are after casual sex relationships.
So if you have been the nice guy (the sticker) and like the idea of being a player even if it’s for a few months until you find the right women benaughty could be your ticket to casual sex heaven. You wont find a more user friendly and professional user interface than that used by cupid plc. Obviously all of the video chat and private user photo features are present along with anything else you can think of.
So Is being Naughty more fun than being nice?
In the short term… Heck Yes!
Being a little risky and naughty is obviously going to be more fun – but dont forget about the joys of being monogamous.
sex on tap even if it’s just the one flavour

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