Is It Better To Be A Guy? Is Sex Better For A Guy? Girls Explain

  • Period pains and cleanup along with the emotional swings that tend to happen around that time
  • Breastfeeding and pregnancy
  • The superficial judgement of a womens value (she has to care about her appearance alot), if she got dealt the ugly stick there’s not to much she can do about it.


Sex: How can we really tell if guys have more fun during sex? It sure seems like women are having more fun during it. I think sex is more powerful, enjoyable and meaningful for women but guys get off more.

Haha – the last comment “girls are really stressful for guys” so true.

I think gender roles are becoming much more equal and there are some huge benefits to being a women if she plays her cards right… But it’s still better to be a guy in this world in my opinion. You can never really tell until you try both, anyone had any experience with that?

Guys get to play drink hard and focus on their work – If they land that great job or have a successful business everything kind of┬ásorts itself out, providing your not an asshole or course. Don’t underestimate the difficulty of getting to the top! It’s a competitive world out their. If you are born a very attractive girl and take care of yourself… there’s a strong argument that someone like that has it easiest of all.

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