Is Money The Currency Of Love?

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So if money buys you:

  • peace of mind
  • time
  • opportunity:
  • the ability to travel around the world, go to college, compete at high level sport,
  • toys
  • good food
  • a warm house
  • gifts

the list goes on… (eg any material want need or service)
The question is…
Is money the currency of love in modern society? Can money buy love?
I don’t even know if that even makes sense…
I think we all know that money can’t BUY love if money is the only thing that exists but is it’s presence vital?
I talk about what love actually is in the post
Let’s assume part of love and attraction is triggered by your ability to provide and protect. In some cultures it’s the number of cattle you own that signifies your status and wealth. In some animal societies it’s the strength of the dominant male that allows him the right to mate. In todays society it’s money! There is no denying this.
Let’s also assume your status in society is also a big predictor of future reproductive success. Money takes care of that too.
I think this argument takes a stab and questions what love is fundamentally… If love is simply a system of hormones and synapses in the brain with the motivation of increasing your own survival and reproduction… perhaps in some artificial sense money becomes a huge player in this game of “love” and attraction.
Without money you can obviously still love.
But with it you have the opportunity (power) to influence much of the world… You have the status that aids in seduction… You have the material wealth to provide and protect as many children as you wish to have… You have health and education for future offspring… All of this put together sure adds up to a nice package for any women looking to choose a mate in today’s society.
The question is – when and where does love come into this equation?
Let’s assume that your not an idiot and are actually a decent guy with a reasonable personality. Would a women love you because you are providing for her children and her? Or does it take much more than just circumstance? Would a women begin to love you if you took her on an exiting trip around the world all expenses paid… laughter and opportunity to get to know each other… once again all paid for by the big M.
Can love be manufactured?
I say YES…
Of course there has to be “chemistry” etc but all that takes is to insert the right women into any given circumstance that money created in the first place.
It’s simple – money allows you the OPPORTUNITY you wouldn’t otherwise have to ALLOW women to love you.

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