Is Monogamy Better?

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So do you think a Monogamous relationship is better with all things considered?
Heres a quick summary:
There is no question that the dating game can be alot of fun if you do it right. You need to be emotionally secure and know what you want so that you don’t get burnt. Many women confuse male attention with emotional connection which often leads them feeling empty when he leaves.
There are many benefits to being single but in the end most people settle down. It’s just the natural order of thing.

When you are single you:

Are free to do what you want
You can let yourself go when you’re not dating
You don’t answer to anyone
You wont let her down if you make mistakes
Are free to travel and hop around without worrying about what she wants to do
You don’t turn into a wussy as a result of dating the same women
The sex doesn’t get stale and boring
You are independent
But there are also many negatives to being single

When you apart of a successful monogamous relationship you:

You have someone to turn to
Your connected at a deep emotional level
The sexual pleasure is heightened through love
(STD peace of mind)
You have the unwavering support of your partner
Trust, Love, Connection, Honor, Respect
Monogamy means very little unless you respect it. Just because you wore that suit and she wore that white dress does not give you automatic connection and unwavering trust. All of these things are earnt and built over time which makes a monogamous relationship very powerful.
A monogamous relationship usually heats up in bed as the two of you get used each others sexual needs and fantasies.

What do you think?

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