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Dating sites are usually loaded with lame poor overseas scammers looking to get into European or American wallets or better yet into America so that they can become a citizen. According to some users iSingles have been inundated with these types of users and have not removed them. So perhaps the site is fine but the users it has in its members area are the ones to blame for iSingles bad reputation?
According to: is terrible and you should NOT sign up with them
According to
They are just another dating site that provide ok features etc etc.

Which iSingles Dating Review To Believe?

The first two!
I would watch out before signing up for
iSingles looks great at first – they even have a “sales women” there to “help you out” but poor user reviews and page loads are what count here and if the people say it sucks your best bet is to go with them…
NOT because they are right but because with so much choice out there why risk it?
They say they have almost 1 million users but once you search around you find most the iSingles profiles are not active.
If you decide to give them a go you will find some cool feature such as webcam and an updated blog (once again a great marketing team) If you decide that you are not religious when you sign up to iSingles you will find the only other option is atheist! Like that is the only other option! You should be able to hold certain information back rather than being forced to disclose your life. Clunky stuff like this makes a bit of a lame dating site.
You may also get some page not found issues with the signup which is unacceptable from a paid site
Best to try out plentyoffish or 4ppl and search for users in your area – or try the sites listed at the top of the page
But in the end this is just user review and you have to be the one the decides for yourself in the end…


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  1. Hey sue
    They may be billing you for the last month of site usage… If this continues it once again says a lot about the poor quality of isingles. If you have contacted them by phone or email and asked them to cancel your account they have to do so by law
    refer to
    for more information.

  2. why do isingles keep renewing my membership after I have cancelled. short of changing my card details how do I stop them from taking money from that account

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