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They are a trendy and fun Jewish dating site connecting Jewish men and women to find true love and maybe even stand together under the chuppah. The website ensures that they rigorously screen and filter the members, keeping only the ‘high quality’ ones to ensure credible member-matching.

Sign Up

Upon sign up, you will be asked if you’re a man or woman, and if you’re looking for a man, or woman, or both. Despite the religious undertones, Jewcier proves that they’re more open-minded than your typical Shadchan or Shadchanit.

You will also be required to input your location and the age range you allow for your match. You will then be directed to a page to register username, password, email, and birthdate. Once done with this step, they will require your display photo.

You will be asked to provide information about your physical appearance, living conditions, level of faith, and preferences.

It will then require information for your potential match, the qualities you look for – after which, you’ll be shown your matches on the site.


Sending out MegaWinks will allow you to send a  template message blast to members and get higher potential of matching. MegaWinks are a great way of getting your profile out there instead of going one-by-one manually to each profile to send the same message.

Mingle is a Jewcier only feature where the platform asks random questions for its members to answers. There are open-ended questions allows the users to provide the answers in their own words.  There are also questions of your preferences, by showing headshots of members and checking if you’re attracted to them.  Multiple choice questions are also thrown into the mix. The Mingle feature humanizes the match-making process by recording your preferences and interests in a more subjective way.


Browsing around the website, you’ll find four tabs. The Search tab will show you either in a grid or list format all the potential matches for you based on information you provided during sign up. The search results can be based on compatibility, those online during your activity, the closest to your location, the newest members, the most popular, or based on username.

You can send winks, messages, favorite and like members who show up in the search results. You also have the option to chat.

The Mingle tab provides a series of random questions that gauge your personality, choices, and taste in a potential match.

Messages provide the members access to an inbox where they can communicate with other members.


While most features are available free, paid membership allows the users to read messages you received, customize their megawinks message, and rank higher in the searches.

Be a Gold Member for as low as $10 a month for a year’s validity of the subscription or pay $29.95 for a month.


Jewcier has an easy to navigate interface. It likewise has fun questions to keep members engaged. The lower member activity, however, can be quite limiting.

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