Just Been Dumped: Lonely Times But Life Goes On

So your in that painful and not so familiar stage of loneliness soon after being dumped. Part of you has been ripped away as a result of your ex leaving and you would like nothing better than to have them back in your ar
Getting your ex back is not easy because of the emotions that you have to deal with during the process.

The Decision


It’s a big decision that you have to make:
Do I move on from this? Life will get better and I will find someone better suited to me…
It was a good thing that we broke up because it has shown that I need to be more independent and not rely on others for support. I will be better off without my ex anyway, I have friends and a supportive family to help me through it.


I am certain in my heart that at least trying to convince my ex that I am the one for them. You know deep down that you would make their life amazing. You have learnt your lesson and are willing to change for the better.
These are really the only two choices you have… you stick around or you go.
Rather than being indecisive and secretly hoping they will come back to you make a decision about where you want your life to go and decide if they are in it or not.
Being lonely is a very hard emotion to deal with – anyone for company will do. But don’t let this be the driver of why you are trying to get her back. You have a life to live that is your own and you need to find someone that compliments you rather than selfishly leaves when times get hard. She might have been great for you but in the end it’s her decision to leave and you need to respect that.
Do you still want her back?
It’s a hard conclusion to come to while you are passing through the stages of denial.
Nobody likes to be alone and with your ex in your life you feel content. But is being content enough for you? Now that your single you have the chance to strike off on your own and create a new path. The world is yours and you can decide now what you want from it.
Did your ex decide what you were going to be doing?
Should she have had the right to ?
Did she give you the breathing space that you needed?
Did she comfort you and support you when times were hard?
Did you have a lot of fun together or were there many fights?
Looking at the reality of your situation is important soon after a break-up because it helps you to realise whats right in the long run.
Are you trying to get your ex back in fear of being alone?

Do you just want to be comfortable again and have things go back to normal?

Is “comfortable” really that fun for you? Now is the time for you to really discover who you are and do the things you always wanted to do.
Did you give up any hobbies or passions to accommodate your ex?
Now’s the time to hang out with your friends more and make new ones. You will be surprised at the enjoyment you can have without her.
There will still be those lonely Sunday nights or nights after work where you have nobody to cuddle up to but don’t allow yourself to be the victim here.
You are stronger than that and you need to take charge. This involves striking out and creating activities after work to keep your mind off the job of making you feel like shit all the time.
Get out and join some casual sports teams… getting your heart rate up for extended periods of time is one of the best ways to reset your emotional clock.
You will also meet new people and put everything back into perspective.
Go out to bars clubs or social events on Saturday – not to find women but to socialize with friends and find new ones. Get back into your work and strive for that new job/raise or new income target. Raising your income level will do amazing things for the freedom you will have in the future.
Getting an ex back while in the stages of loneliness and denial is NOT the best decision to make but oftentimes we are run entirely by our emotions. If this is the case and you have made up your mind about getting your ex back there are places you can go to get help.
Michael Griswold from reunited relationships has created making up made easy (M3 system). It’s hours of video and audio (the whole package) to get you back on your feet. He guarantees that you will get your ex back or your money back.
There is no course for getting your ex back that is better than this – you may have heard of the magic of making up but that is just and ebook and it only focuses on a part of the breakup process. The M3 system holds you by the hand throughout the entire ordeal and not only gets your mindset right but gives you the techniques to use during the METHODS stage.
He also include a MOVING ON stage which teaches you the importance of how to act after you get your ex back. This ensures that you don’t get into lazy patterns of thinking and let the relationship fall back into old habits.

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