Know Yourself Before Picking Up Women

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Pick Up Women Using These Approaches
You never know when an opportunity to approach a women will arise. Guys and girls have different personalities – it’s what makes the game of love so exiting. Prepare now with these female approach scenarios so when you are confronted with a great opportunity you don’t freeze up.
Which type of guy are you?

Arrogant Guy

You are outwardly arrogant and everyone knows it. You don’t mind telling a women she’s hot in from of everyone and strangely this direct approach seems to work. You attract the same male friends and the same kinds of women. The other guys secretly think you’re a bit of a douche bag.
There are numerous types of cheesy pick up lines you can use
Even using
“Hi. You’re hot.” A nice and simple one for the women that are not necessarily interested in what your saying anyway, but more attracted to your confidence and status.

The Shy Guy

There are many shy guys around and most of them are really nice, they just don’t have the confidence to approach. Once you get talking about a topic you are interested in you cant keep your mouth shut. You enjoy conversation you just wont initiate it.
If you are a shy guy try buying a women a drink through the bartender. This way you don’t need to approach her. The bartender will indicate to her that you are interested.
Catch her gaze and hold it. She will know you are interested through the use of seductive eye contact.
A little bit of a cop out but use your friend to get her number then contact her by text.
In the end you are going to need to initiate conversation and get more confidence with women if you want to get a date.


Your either gay or just love to hear yourself talk. This aint a bad thing though the women flock to hear your wise cracks.
You often find it hard to get a real girlfriend as the girls who surround you are friends only.
Try this:
Continue being you: Chat about hair colour with the girls if you have to. Keep in mind that your intentions must be obvious.
You are looking to pick up women. Treat them like their girlfriends treat them and your going to get the same treatment.
Initiate chemistry with prolonged eye contact and male body language.
You don’t do this well but shut up for a second and listen to the women you are attracted to. This will give you time to say something interesting relating to her, something that really means something emotionally rather than vomiting celebrity crap.
You might find out something about her that you didn’t know. Get to know her interests and hobbies.
Truth is you are in a greet position. You are happy to talk, you have lots of women to seduce, you just need to pick up your
sexual game.
You can talk for hours, just make sure you close the deal. Ask her out!
Knowing your own personality and strengths enables you to attack seduction from an angle that suits you. If you not great in bars then don’t go to bars! Thankfully there are many ways to skin a cat. Choose the way that will highlight your good points.

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