Lack Of Job Security And Dating Do Not Mix

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs:

I would like you to take one hard look at the following pyramid…
Notice where the love / belonging section is
Notice within the love section there is sexual intimacy…
Maslow’s hierarchy of needs: indicates that first we must be certain that we can breath eat drink etc BEFORE we move onto more complex thoughts such as our health our morality our employment.
What is interesting from a dating point of view is how your dating life will be affected if you are uncertain about your financial future
Notice in the safety category it says

Security of employment

Before you can properly move onto higher thought you must first be certain that you are in good health and that you have a stable job.
After that you will free up your mind to move onto the next level of thought which is that of friendship family and sexual  intimacy.
Which is exactly what dating is
Building life long friendships
Many people are trying to create dating relationships without sound health and without job security.

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