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Leaked nude selfies and where to find them online

How to Make the Most of Nude and Naked Selfies

When nude selfies of celebrities leaked out, they made such a huge buzz almost everyone wants to look at it whether out of curiosity or the need to satisfy a voyeuristic desire. Some celebrities brushed the incident off as inconsequential, while others showed a wide range of reaction from outrage to downright anger. Their privacy had been breached, after all. But considering that the nude selfies are already out there, and there’s no way to keep them from going viral, might as well have fun with them, right?

If you have no qualms showing off your own curves and other physical attributes, you should take nude selfies of yourself and put them out there. There are plenty of nude selfies sites that will make good use of your pictures, and even make you a star of your own right in exchange.

Snap GFs

This is where young girls, who like taking naughty selfies and private videos with their new phones, can have all the fun they can handle. They can take naked selfies and then share them with the world through Snap GFs. Most of the materials on this site are softcore in nature, although there is a bit of hardcore action going on in the background. The site has a minimalistic member area where items can be added, photos are marked favorite and other interactive activities. You can also upload your own content, but the idea behind Snap GFs is to upload stolen photos and video clips of someone’s ex-girlfriend. Payback’s a bitch, as they say.

YOLO Selfies

You only live once, so why stay selfish and keep those naked images and videos all to yourself? You should share it with the rest of the world through YOLO Selfies. The site lets you view and upload naked amateur selfies through your smartphone without using an app. you have the option to mark a photo as your favorite, and you can specify your search based on the most popular nude selfie. The images you upload doesn’t have to be your own either. The website is linked to other sites, such as HackedPhones where you can search images that are illegally obtained. Such fun!

Naked Selfies Sexy

Unlike other nude selfies websites, nakedselfies.sexy has a more established online interface. Images are categorized as Blondes, Brunettes Redheads, Underwear, Teens, Glasses, Tattoos and Asian. The moment you visit the site, a lot of nude selfies are presented, but you have the option to randomize the images displayed. Simply click on the Random Selfie button. If you want to upload your own naked selfie or someone else’s, just click Submit a Selfie.

Nude Selfie Pics

From the name of the website, you can pretty much surmise what it is all about. Apart from pictures, however, there are also Live Sex Cam Show that visitors can check out. This is probably why its tagline is Nude Selfies – Amateur Porn – Naked Selfie. Pics are updated on a daily basis for your viewing pleasure.


Naked and nude selfies of teens, amateurs and porn stars are not the only reason that this site is quite popular among the narcissists and everyone else who have no problem showing off their goods. It also has a category of Celebrity Naked Selfys if you want to view the more popular people with nothing on. Compared to other nude selfie websites, Selfys come with a host of other fun categories, including those that involve sex toys and snaps taken while having sex or going down on someone. It is a treasure trove of nude selfies, hands down.

Novice Amateurs

Novice Amateurs Selfshoot Teens & Ex-Girlfriends is the full name of the site. Not only does it cater to nude selfies, but live sex cams as well. This gives you more options for adult entertainment, whether you want stills or motion pictures.

Because nude selfies are all the rage these days, selfie websites are popping out of nowhere, so there is no shortage of online platforms where you can put your naked selfie on display.

Of course, if you want your pictures to have more views than other naked selfies, you must do it right. How do you do this exactly?

Know that everyone is likely to see it

You are uploading your pics on a selfie website, after all, so expect everyone to see them at one point or another, including the people you would have preferred not to see them. Even if the nude selfie you took was for your personal consumption, you must be ready to face the consequences if it does make it to the web. With this in mind, might as well take a good one, right?

Play a little mystery

On nude selfie websites, everything is okay to upload. But adding a little mystery to your pics will make you a favorite. It is considered sexy, after all. Rather than a frontal shot, tits and all, let your collarbone create sexy shadows and lines. It would also help if you pick one feature to highlight. Is it your face or your butt? You should also consider being identified with your nude selfies. For example, if it’s a good butt shot, people would know it’s yours.

Don’t neglect the background

No matter how sexy you look, a huge pile of clutter behind you is sure to draw more attention. So make sure to think about the background of your naked selfies as well. Even a spot in the mirror can be your undoing. If you take pictures in the bathroom, it should look tidy and clean at the very least. The same thing is true when taking a selfie in the bedroom. A change of clean sheets wouldn’t hurt.

Take selfies under good lighting

Make sure you’re practically glowing in your selfies. The best way you can achieve this is through good lighting. Between fluorescent and natural light, the latter is so much better. So take a selfie in broad daylight. Of course, if you can mix mood lighting in a way that your selfies would look fantastic, take advantage of it. A good mix of nude photos taken in the morning and at night will do wonders for your online visibility.


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