Finding the One by Astrological Signs: Leo


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July 23 – August 22

Leo is in every way a representation of the king of the jungle. Confident, energetic, charismatic,  ambitious, strong, natural leaders, and loves the limelight. These are just some of the words that can be used to describe a Leo.

Their element is fire, and their ruling planet is the sun – which can be attributed to the warmth of their company and the heat of their passion that can be felt by everyone around them. They are also a fixed sign that makes thenm dnetermined with their convictions, ensuring that initiatives and ideas come to fruition.

With manes so large, Leo people tend to be the center of attention – it will hard to miss one. They value pleasure highly and will do whatever it takes to experience the luxuries of life. When an opportunity comes to become the leader or the hero, they will pounce on it with much bravery and strength. The lion also sees adventure and sports as great ways to manifest theses characteristics, always striving for greatness.

They are loyal, warm and energetic which makes them a joy to be with. At their worst their leader qualities turn into unintended dominance and arrogance, and their energy, drive and ambition turns into impatience.

Leo for Partners

As a result of their feiry and fixed qualities, lions are dependable and practical. They tend to be highly loyal to their partners and love the idea of being in-love. Their warmth emanates in their relationships making them fond of cuddling and public display of affection – this includes grandiose gift giving and receiving.

Having a hero-complex, they gravitate towards partners who can play the role of the damsel in distress, and at the same time provide the king of the jungle the royalty they think they deserve. Constantly seeking drama in their lives and their relationships, often attention – or lack of it, is the root of the drama that may transpire.

Leo Men

Astrology Zodiac Signs provided that Leo men personify the lion’s attributes. As the apex predator that they are, they are often on the hunt, looking for the potential love of their life if they haven’t yet. Once they do, they want to be treated like royalty – not as a matter of superficial privilege but they truly believe that any self-respecting human being deserves to be treated as such.

Jason Momoa, born August 1.

As much as they love being treated as a king, they show the same reverence for their partners, showering their partners with affection and material representations of it. Compliments, gifts, and loving gestures are necessary to assure the lion of one’s commitment to a relationship, and their partners will get a feel of being the center of attention. As a king, they look for a partner worthy of being the queen, thus it is highly necessary that their potential match be equally attractive as he is. It might seem like a case of the trophy wife/girlfriend/partner though as he loves to show off – but not out of insecurity but out of pride.

When it comes to sex – he will be passionate and loves a partner who can reciprocate this and seduce him. He loves variety and a woman who is confident to let intimacy and sensuality flow.

He may seem bossy and self-absorbed, reason why he needs an equally strong partner who can keep up with his demands and lifestyle without feeling neglected, used or abused.

Leo Women

The warm-hearted lioness loves it most when all eyes are on her. Strong-willed, she knows what she wants and she is never scared to let other people know about it. She devours the limelight and loves luxury, and a bit high maintenance, she wants to be the number 1 priority.

Kylie Jenner, born August 10.

She especially likes it when her suitors spend their time wooing her and worshipping her in every aspect possible. Upon winning her heart, expect the Leo woman’s world to revolve around her partner and she gives everything she can. This may make her seem too demanding though, expecting her partner to show as much admiration and respect as she gives.

Shy is not in her vocabulary, the wild lioness is a sexual goddess. She loves expressing her love through sensuality and her body. She might seem like she is never satisfied sexually, which can threaten a weaker partner, but it’s just the lioness inside that craves for all that sexual energy and attention.

Leo Compatibility with Other Signs

If you want to start dating and find the one based on Zodiac sign, is the #1 Zodiac Sign Dating Site that allows you to filter potential matches based on astrological compatibility.

Compatibility of star signs is illustrated in an article at Metaphorical Platypus, where two studies were used to quantify the compatibility between signs. A study by Sachs (1998) and Castille (2000) was conducted in Switzerland and France to review significant results using marriage and divorce statistics as to which astrological signs are most compatible with each other.

Combined with information gathered from iZodiac,, Astrostyle, and Compatible Astrology, listed are the compatibility of each sign to Leo.

#1 Leo – Aries

Aries is a cardinal sign that tends to be domineering but when it comes to romance, Aries cannot take a weakling, thus being paired with a bold lion is something the ram will totally appreciate. Both Aries and Leo can seem terrifying matched with other signs, but these two aren’t fazed by one another. Their communication will evoke feelings of mutual admiration brought about the same things that these signs find to be important in their lives.

Similar emotional nature allows the pair to understand each other’s feelings with their values aligning with both of them putting their heads first before their hearts. They both love having fun, crave attention and praise, and will practice a healthy, friendly competition, but both supportive of what the other is working hard for. The lion and the ram also are both fire signs so things are about to get hot between these two. Their sexual connection is on the same plane, able to handle each other’s erotic nature, and their competitiveness comes out even in the bedroom.

The disparity between the two is Leo tend to be a little lazy, while Aries sets a premium on industriousness, a Leo may pass the weekend lounging in a cafe while Aries gets up early to get some exercise. Further, given both individual’s larger than life persona, they can get into verbal squabbles – very loud ones too. Thankfully none of the two holds grudges or gets too emotional, further, both can easily cool down, keeping their eyes on the prize and making the bond strong enough to not let misunderstandings be taken too personally.

#2 Leo-Libra

The lion will enjoy the company of the great balancer. An air and fire match-up, Libra will further strengthen Leo’s fieriness. Both are social, adventurous, and optimistic adrenaline junkies, ensuring there will be no dull moment in the relationship.  Sex will be amazing between the two and there will be lots of experimenting beneath the sheets.

Leo will love Libra’s intelligence and sophistication, and will love showing them off in social gatherings. Libra will admire on the other hand Leo’s passion and livin-large persona. Leo is a bit domineering, and can get impulsive which will be balanced flawlessly by cooler and rational Libra. They are likely to be supportive of each other’s pursuits, acknowledging and respecting each other’s strengths, they will put an effort into understanding where differences lie. Both are ambitious and competitive signs, making them a power couple material.

Leo is fixed while Libra is cardinal, which only means lots of ideas, visions and convictions. Difference will be where the passion and convictions are ignited – for Libra it is the brain, and for Leo it’s the heart. This can lead disagreements with Leo feeling like Libra is being too cool and Libra thinking that the lion just needs to chill.

#3 Leo – Leo

Who can better comprehend a Lion but another Lion? Both individual’s passion overflowing, even explosive, ensuring each other of their commitment to the relationship, fostering trust with one another. Their intimacy and libido are high and this pairing ensures for a very satisfying sexual experience – props, positions, the works.

Fiery lions may be overbearing for gentler signs, but will be completely understood by a fellow feline. They value the same things and characteristics, and have a similar fondness for adventure. Both love the idea of verbal admiration through compliments and praises, and both will not run out of reasons to do so to stroke each other’s ego. They will treat each other as the trophy partner, spoiling each other with gifts and affection, showing them off to the people around them, which will bother neither as they absolutely devour in the attention of the crowd. They connect innately, making communication between the two straightforward and clear.

Both fixed signs, problems may arise when none is willing to concede. Both can be dramatic, and as with their larger than life tendencies, might blow up disagreements out of proportion. Arguments will be passionate and heated just as much as the make-up sex that will follow once the bickering is over with.

#4 Leo – Sagittarius

These two signs are both fire signs, making them optimistic and energetic creating a fun relationship atmosphere. Sagittarius is mutable sign, allowing fixed Leo to take charge of the relationship. As fire signs, they share warmth which will be exhibited in their relationship. As for the sex, two fire signs make it hot – they see each other as a safe place to manifest their sensuality and kink.

A pairing of two highly sociable and personalities, these two will love parties and social gatherings so much. Leo will catch the room’s attention with their roaring persona and impressive achievements, while people will get megnetized by Sagittarius’ charisma, wit and antics. The archer is one of the signs who are less likely to be offended by Leo’s seeming arrogance, if anything they will even find the humor in it, unafraid to call out when the lion when needed. Being both extroverted, they understand the need for social circles, and will not be threatened or jealous. Both likewise have the gift of gab, making communication and expressing their emotions realtively easy within the relationship.

While both are courageous, Sag does not always agree with Leo trying to confront everything when it is easier to just let things pass. The lion, despite being adventurous, likes the comfort of his pride – the same big set of people he always spends time with, contrary to the archer, who brought about by their mutable nature enjoys a nomadic lifestyle to experience more things and meet more people. But given their strong communciation skills, these two are expected to come up with a compromise that can cater to both of their passions.

#5 Leo – Gemini

Air amplifies fire – and this is the dynamics Gemini provides Leo. Gemini supplies the fun, Leo provides the intensity. Leo is a fixed sign and a natural leader bound by routines that could benefit with having a mutable and fun Gemini to lighten things up. Both are very sociable, and Leo’s big personality just strengthen the Twins’ audience impact that it is inevitable these two will be the center of attention in gatherings

Together, the two can be a great tandem when trying to achieve goals and accomplishing projects. Geminis despite their brilliance are a bit short-sighted, Leos on the other hand never lose sight of a vision, which makes the partnership motivating and even competitive for both parties. It can get draining when the couples’ ambitions went over their head that they won’t have quality time left. Gemini gives compliments well-appreciated by Leo who needs assurance for their ego.

It spells trouble when Leo’s king persona stifles Gemini’s wings. Gemini’s ever-changing moods and plans will be seen as a lack of commitment by the lion. If the lion loosens its grip and the twins assure Leo of their devotion – they are likely to be able to establish a strong relationship that maximizes each other’s strengths.

#6 Leo – Cancer

The crab and the lion is a good pairing to balance out each other’s personality, further – these two signs symbolize the queen mother and king of the astrological signs. Both are highly emotional signs, the difference lies on how they express their feelings. Leo’s passion as a fire sign can be too proud and loud for the more tame and timid Cancer.  Sex will similarly have the same dynamics – Leo will need to tone it down a bit so the crab doesn’t retreat into their shell.

Cancer will shower his king with adoration and love that limelight-loving Leos appreciate more than anything. Leo is strong, confident, ambitious and motivated – something much admired by Cancer. However, the lion’s charismatic persona and large social circle is something not totally in tune with the introverted crab – and may even be a source of resentment and jealousy.

Cancer tends to value stability – which applies to their low-risk demeanor on things – something that is unfamiliar to the lion. Leos’ larger than life personality necessitates them to live large, profligate and very impractical for the security-seeking crab. Once both sides are able to negotiate how to deal with things, balancing out the risks and security, this team can be very productive.

#7 Leo – Virgo

Leo and Virgo can make a wonderful couple. This match may even be reminiscent of teen movies where the jock falls in love with a shy but cool and smart outsider girl. Leo will take care of the relatively fragile girl, and it will be uber-romantic. An earth and fire combination, Leo will be providing the excitement, and Virgo will be balancing the relationship.

Trouble looms in a couple of aspects of the relationship. Despite being softer, Virgos are rational and thorough individuals who will not yield even if a lion is pushing their unplanned and impulsive agenda, and does not appreciate the boss-leader complex. The virgin will be critical of the decisions Leo will be making which will irritate the lion. This will be quite problematic too when it comes to money as Virgo is not impressed with the seemingly financial carelessness of big spender Leo. Sex will be a little problematic too, as dominating Leo’s pace may scare sexually-reserved Virgo who prefers to take things a bit slower.

Balance is basically just what the relationship needs to work, but the lion needs to chip in this balancing act by adjusting a bit, and not expect Virgo to be the one bending over backwards all the time.

#8 Leo – Pisces

A dynamic relationship of two creatives who value love, imagination, and spirituality. Leo is a dominant fiery sign who loves being the center of attention while fluid Pisces loves taking control of the backstage creating a mystical world for the audience. The key to this pair to finding an aspect of their relationship where each one can excel at and is in charge of.

The fire-water dynamic will not always work, though, as both signs are highly emotional and passionate about their beliefs, some of which may clash at times. Given Leo’s innate aggressiveness, erratic Pisces will find itself dependent on Leo – who might manifest bruteness and selfishness – bursting dreamy ideas.

#9 Leo – Capricorn

A fire-earth, and fixed-cardinal relationship, these two have similar ambitions of being the top dog, but their means towards achieving it are entirely different. Both are good leaders, but while Leo delegates, Capricorn will be involved in the groundwork, doing necessary quality checks. Despite being opposites, they can do efficient teamwork.

Intimacy might be challenged, with the parties’ different approach when it comes to sex. Capricorn may seem disconnected, while Leo can be too primal.  The lion can get depressed not experiencing as much adoration as it wants coming from the seagoat. Capricorn meanwhile will feel rushed and somewhat choked by Leo’s passion. Down-to-earth and practical Capricorn may think of Leo as a bit shallow and proud, and the lion finds the seagoat’s half-empty approach to life tasking. The challenge lies in finding the delicate balance to make an unshakeable team out of their relationship that can overcome these obstacles.

 #10 Leo – Aquarius

An excellent team of two strong characters, it is a partnership to be reckoned with, destined to build empires. They both show leadership qualities, energetic, motivated, competitive, people oriented. This translates in the bedroom, where sex is sensual, wild, passionate and liberating. With strong personalities, communication may seem like a fight for dominance in the relationship. The magnitude of Leo’s emotions can affect even an Aquarius’ cold heart.

Their strong characters will also be the reason for arguments and fights, Leos seeks attention and can get jealous – characteristics that an Aquarius cannot tolerate.

#11 Leo – Taurus

Taurus and Leo is an earth and fire combination, both of which are fixed signs. This can account for the inability to be flexible with convictions causing conflict between the two. Further, Leo’s larger than life personality simply doesn’t mesh well with the homey, low-profile Taurus. They can find their relationship to be exhausting, their values differ greatly. Leo is living in the moment, Taurus preparing for the future.

They can find their relationship to be exhausting, their values differ greatly. Leo is living in the moment, Taurus preparing for the future. One puts a premium on stability, the other bravery – and courage can cost one’s security. The bull will seem lazy with their processes and the lion is a king who can’t be bothered – one can say that this partnership will not be very productive. Sex will be fiery but other than this, not much connection can be found between the two.

#12 Leo – Scorpio

Two fixed and strong personalities come face-to-face in this water-fire match up. Power struggle is the name of the game, as both parties want control of the relationship. Trust and communication will be a struggle as Scorpio tend to be jealous, and the lion’s social circle tend to be the main contributor. Scorpio will be calling out BS on everything that it finds awry with Leo. Headstrong lions will not tolerate this though.

This love-hate relationship features some of the most intense sex though, the parties not getting enough of each other despite the many differences they have in other facets of the relationship. It will take a great deal of restraint from both parties to make it work, but given their explosive passion, it just might be worth it.

* * *

I hope this short guide helps you to filter from the many fishes out there, please remember that astrological signs are merely guides – and not an exact science. Even if your partner or potential is way down in the rankings, there are ways to make a relationship work through compromise and communication.

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