Life Is Short Have An Affair



Mom logic reported 31,000! women signed up for ashley
the day after mothers day

Amazingly around 6000 men join ashley madison .com last father’s day this is expected to skyrocket to 21,000! men this year actively searching for online affairs!

On the whole men are not happy with how they are treated by their family, by their wife and by their children. Perhaps that father’s day night they were expecting to have sex with their wife, once again they received nothing.

Perhaps you are that man

Perhaps you are the man who is disappointed with the attention and sexual desire you receive.

At Ashley madison .com the slogan is “life is short, have an affair”

Do not misinterpret what this slogan means. This does not mean if you are in a happy marriage then quit right now and have an affair. It means if you are unhappy with your current relationship, then life is to short to not act now and have fun. If you think that the marriage is beyond repair then ashley madison could lead you to a soulmate or quick fling in your area.

The life is short have an affair slogan is really saying – Either deal with your shit now or get out of the relationship you are in and start living life like you always dreamt it would or should be.

The problem is, marriage is not so easy to get out of. You may have children or financial issues to settle. In the mean time “life is short, have an affair”

Sounds crazy however millions of people around the world and hundreds of thousand of men and women in america are having inter marital affairs every year.

Unhappy with their sexual life  or not getting the emotional connection they desire folks are flocking to sites like ashley madison and taking on the motto
“life is short – have an affair”

Male And Female Cheating Differences

According to results – young females are most likely to cheat at ages 24-45 males are most likely to cheat around 36 onwards.

Females cheat much earlier than men due to being attractive and affair worthy when they are young.

Men have affairs later on when they have more money and power.

72% of people who do cheat have already been cheated on. People who cheat when they are young to it predominantly for attention. Older cheaters do it for sexual variety.

Females cheat for companionship while males cheat for sexual fantasy and desires.

Additional cheating and infidelity statistics

Activities those who have been cheated on consider acts of infidelity:

Men Women
Naked cuddling 79% 87%
Using sex toys 68% 74%
Phone sex 50% 74%
Light kissing 54% 73%
Happy ending to a massage 62% 70%
Emotional intimacy 41% 65%
Cyber sex 44% 65%
Clothed cuddling 48% 64%
Dirty dancing 28% 42%
Tantric breathing 26% 41%
Dinner at a restaurant 30% 41%

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