Lifestyle Attraction: Financial Stability

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Attracting the right person into your life is easy if you have an amazing lifestyle… An amazing women or man in your life is a natural progression from an amazing life.
If you are constantly doing cool new exiting things you become cool and exiting, If your travelling around the world researching and exploring it’s only a matter of time before YOU shack up with a tour guide, flight attendant or fellow traveler (personal experience)
Everyone dreams of vacations to exotic destinations and having the protection and assurance of money can make you a dam fine, not to mention an  attractive proposition.
Does this make people shallow…?
To be so interested in someone’s bank account?
It makes them very smart.
In reality most folks are not to hung up about money as long as there is enough to keep them afloat and a little left over to go to the beach in the weekend.
When there are people dying of starvation all over the world we should be thankful we have the privilege to be able to better ourselves.
Should we make use of this?
Absolutely – the more money you have the more ABLE you are to help others.
In today’s economy and how the economic system is setup in a capitalistic society money is the determinant of health, freedom, education and inevitably (whether you like to believe it or not) happiness.
You do not HAVE to have money to be happy – and more doesn’t necessarily make you MORE happy…
You just need a certain threshold amount to be able to be healthy and have enough time for leisure activities.
So if you are having trouble meeting women and are starting to think that you will NEVER be able to attract the kind of sweet smelling positive warm and attractive soul that is a women into your life… perhaps you should take a quick look at this months bank account.
Now you may be getting a little squeamish at the sound of me placing so much importance on money…
You may have heard from other sources that you as a man can attract a women without good looks or cash in your back pocket… I have even mentioned it on this very site!
Money is by no means a prerequisite to attraction
BUT by Christ it helps out in an infinite number of ways.
If you are struggling with confidence money can really help your ability to feel as though you are contributing something of value to society and a relationship.
Money is subconsciously planted inside your head as the NUMBER #1 determinant of success…
It is ruthlessly marketed and insinuated as being VERY important in everything we do in life.
Don’t feel successful?
Struggling to find that confidence inside you that you believe you need before you can date a hot women?
Don’t feel shy about admitting that money is important in your life… Because it IS.
It is especially important for MEN
A poor man bows is head to a rich man… why?
The poor man could have better morals and simply choose to live his life differently but yet he looks away and avoids the gaze of the man in the dominant role.
This is a very important topic in attracting women… You can have a more fulfilling and exiting life with money. America is the land of opportunity and freedom… but only with money.
The poor receive little help (compared to many other developed nations) and lifting yourself out of poverty and into REAL freedom and opportunity has never been harder.
Have you ever seen a drop dead gorgeous girl in a beat up old car living in a slum or lower class neighbourhood?
Or do you instead see them attracted to the brand new sparkling corvette or Porsche…
I think you get the point – the point is obvious right?
Then why do we feel so hesitant in admitting that money is so important in our lives?
Do you believe that money is the root of all evil? The rich men are evil and have destroyed the lives of others to get to the top?
The economic system is set up in a nasty old way but I suggest until it changes you accept it and do what you have to do to become financially stable.

  • This means that you get educated
  • This means that you invent a new technology
  • This means that you start a new business or find funding for a startup

If you go broke you pick up the pieces and start again
Because a man that has goals dreams and aspirations to be financially stable and will not stop until he gets there is just about as attractive as a man who has made it anyway.
The money system that rules our lives is a funny old thing… If you find yourself down in the dumps and more broke than ever I suggest you STOP spending… STOP consuming and get on the other side of the fence.
You have an amazing tool in the internet at your finger tips and you don’t know how powerful this can be. It can change your life if you take the time to find the information you need.

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