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Lively Review: Lively is a random video chat application. It was once a dating app, but it’s been redesigned as an app to chat with new people.


Sign Up

All you need to do to sign up is connect it to your Facebook profile. Once you sign in, you can begin chatting.

How It Works

You’ll select a topic to chat about, and then you will be connected with a random chat partner. Lively does help take the pressure off, because it gives you the option to blur your face.

If you want to maintain your privacy or just don’t look particularly flattering that day, just hit the blur button. Blur will slowly disappear, but you can continue to hit the button to stay blurred for the entire chat. When you are done chatting, just hit the end button and you will be connected with someone new.

Another great feature of Lively is the friend feature. If you enjoy who you are talking to, you can add them to your friend’s list. Just press the add friend button during your chat. Both parties must hit the button during the chat. If you both enjoyed the conversation, they will be added to your messenger list. You can then contact them whenever you wish.

Lively Review: Bottom Line

Lively doesn’t offer you any options to select who you chat with, other than conversation topics. While it’s a great app for finding people to chat with, it’s not effective for dating.

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