Livetalk Review

LiveTalk Review


Listed below are the good and bad side of  Livetalk. But don’t just take our word for it, you may check them out for yourself.


  • Easy sign-up process
  • Straightforward website layout and design
  • Real-time chat
  • Free to use
  • Webcam/video supported
  • App version available on Android


  • No verification process, unsafe
  • Not much to do on the website
  • Low member activity
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“Meet new people, share moments”

This is what Livetalk promotes to its users. They did not lie. You can meet people alright and share experiences but you won’t really have much control who you end up getting matched with and what experiences will be shared with you.


Sign Up

When you click on your phone’s Livetalk app, clicking start will immediately match you and send you on a random user’s video feed.  You can disconnect if you don’t like who you are matched with after three seconds of being connected with them.


There really isn’t much of  navigation, you get randomly matched and you have the option to disconnect if you don’t like who’s at the other end of the screen

Interesting Information

Most of the people you’ll find on the site are Indian men. Some of them watching the screen in groups even.  It could turn creepy fast, especially for women. When it comes to online dating and chat, Indian guys have somewhat created a reputation. They are the reason there is a Send Bobs and Vagene meme song.

Some of them are might be sweet just waiting in front of their cameras probably trying to meet someone. And then there are those who just get straight to business and introduce their cocks into the conversation without even saying, “‘hi!” Some experience huh…


Despite this quite ho-hum chat service, Livetalk offers a premium plan that lets the user:

  • Disable ads
  • Access and meet Livetalk VIP members

The price of the plan, however, is undisclosed.  The premium plan option appears on your first login but then it disappears and can’t seem to be found anymore as there is not much of a navigation on the app. It is very unlikely that the membership fee will be worth it anyhow.

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