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Talk about convenience, Livu provides 3 options to officially become a part of their platform. You can do it by linking it to your Google or Facebook acoount, or your mobile number.

They promise not to post anything on your social account – just in case you’re worried about that. When you use your Google or Facebook account, the app will automatically use the profile information that you have provided.

Meanwhile, a code will be sent to your mobile number if you opted with that sign-up method. The code may take a few minutes to arrive – be patient, it will arrive.

It will then ask for a nickname, birthday and your gender. Confirm these three pieces of information and you’re halfway done with the entire experience.

The app will ask for your permission to take pictures, record video and audio, and access your phone’s media, files, and location so you may start using it. The interface will display what your device’s front camera will capture immediately once you’ve allowed all permissions.

It will then ask for the gender of the people you want to match with — male, female or both. It defaults to both and a click anywhere on the screen will get you to start connecting with other users.


You’ll get a welcome message from the LivU team and a notification to watch videos to earn ‘coins’.

Coins are the app’s currency which will allow you to choose the gender of who you will be matched with. It costs 9 coins to do this. Coins can be purchased or earned by watching videos (basically ads of apps). You get up to 3 chances to watch these ads which will provide you with a total of 6 coins.


There is no membership subscription per se, but it will require coins to choose who you will be matched with.

For new users, they’re offering 300 coins for $1 USD.

The regular prices for coins are as follows:

  • $2.50 for 300 coins
  • $9.00 for 1200 coins
  • $17.50 for 2500 coins
  • $45.00 0 for 7000 coins
  • $90.00 for 15000 coins
  • $200.00 for 35000 coins

Interesting Information

The app blurs out the display when it isn’t the user’s face. This feature provides sort of a level of safeguard so that users can’t use/abuse the platform for pornographic/sex-related display.

A lot of the users matched when you’re on the default matching setting are guys from India. They’re not as profane or explicit as expected, perhaps due to the fact that LivU blurs out the display .

Bottom Line

LivU is a relatively good video chat site that provided decent safeguards in ensuring that users keep it relatively safe. The display blur ensures that no dick pics will scare the crap out of you soon as you turn on the app. But there are still guys who want to see ‘bobs and vagene’ and show their bits despite the restrictions.

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