Lonely Dating

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Lonely Dating

Loneliness is a complex and often painful emotion that we all feel from time to time. But sometimes this emotion called loneliness can really get under our skin. If you let your life be taken over by loneliness it can really turn it upside down.

Sometimes you can feel amazing in solitude because you are secure and happy with your life. Other times you can be in a room full of friends and still be lonely.

You just feel incomplete and you don’t know why.
99.9% of all loneliness can be cured. By dating or being around friends a family you can start to pull yourself out of this loneliness.

Loneliness is temporary if you understand how to get past it. Feel comforted in the understanding that everyone all over the world feels this emotion and it will pass.

You feel lonely because one or more of your basic human needs are not being met. In the case of loneliness it is intimacy, acceptance, understanding or friendship.

As the term suggests it is feeling of being “alone” or distanced from others. Even if you are sitting right next to someone if you don’t connect on an emotional level it wont fix the pain.

Because loneliness is routed in the psyche. However just being around others can ease the pain momentarily.

The problem with loneliness is that it can lead to much worse psychological symptoms. If you are very lonely for long periods of time you might be prone to heavy drinking and drug abuse. You may already be doing this without knowing what is causing it.

Loneliness is serious so don’t shrug it off like it comes and goes. Everybody needs to be heard and loved no matter how independent they are. Loneliness can lead to depression due a feeling of helplessness and self pity.

Men can often feel misunderstood by women and start to put huge hours at work. They are married and should be connecting with their spouse but instead they feel disconnected from society and work becomes and all consuming passion.

The Solution To Loneliness

What you really need is a more permanent solution to your loneliness. You need to find a life partner who really understands you. Someone you connect with and enjoy life with together.

Give what you want to receive

What you send out in emotion and action you receive back in equal measure.
By helping others with their loneliness and suffering you heal yourself. Gratitude starts to fill your daily life as you help others. By consciously becoming friendlier in your day to day interactions with people you will naturally attract love and friendship into your life.

Heal the loneliness of others to heal yourself

Spend time in self analysis

The bible often refers to the power of solitude. You can reflect on your choices in life you can discovery and think clearly.

However this power needs to be controlled. Overuse of solitude can send a perfectly sane man insane.

You do not need to exclude others and withdraw from life. When you are feeling lonely you need your family and friends.

Friendship and companionship is one of life’s blessings.

When you are lonely you need to start asking better questions of yourself:



Are you a show-off?



A taker that doesn’t know how to give?


A complainer?

A gossiper?

Do you build walls instead of bridges?

It’s unlikely you are going to be rescued from loneliness. Discover the source of your loneliness and then go about making positive changes to your life.

One of those changes could be finding a life partner who really understands you. This way you will have someone that you can
spend your days with lonesome free!

Depending on whether your loneliness is internal or external will decide on which action you take.

Most often simply joining new groups and talking to people about your lonely situation will heal it. There are many other people in your area who are feeling lonely too.

Perhaps their spouse passed away and they are feeling alone. Perhaps your friends have left and you are having trouble finding new ones. Don’t stay at home and morn, self pity will not get you anywhere.

At least hop on an online dating site (top of page) and see for yourself how many people are feeling the lonely in your area. You will be surprised at how common this emotion you are feeling really is.

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